One Week Muscle Training

In the following article, we present a one week muscle workout. We are convinced that you will notice the benefits quickly!
One week muscle training

If you want to work out in the gym, it is important to follow a training routine that includes all of the muscles in the body. To give you the boost you need, we have prepared a one-week muscle workout, with which you will get incredible benefits.

Furthermore, the muscle training we offer is 4 days, so we always recommend a rest of at least 24 hours for each muscle group. As always, you should do a good stretching session before and after each session.

One week muscle training

Next, we suggest a one-week muscle training routine:

Day 1: chest

Push-ups on a barbell bench press

The first exercise we propose is the flat bench press with a barbell. It is one of the favorite exercises for fitness lovers. It will allow you to gain weight as you progress, or even use heavier barbells. To do it, you need to rest your back on the bench, your hands on both sides of the bar and support all the weight with your chest as you perform the exercise.

 Press on inclined bench with machine

As in the previous exercise, you must use a bench to support your back, although in this case it will be inclined and we will do the repetitions with the machine. It must be considered that the guides of the machine will not allow much exercise of the stabilizing muscles.

Press in muscle training

Chest openings with bench weights

Pectoral openings are an ideal exercise to raise the chest. You just have to  put your back on the bench, extend your arms to your sides with the weights and and perform the movement simultaneously. 

Day 2: back

Rowing machine with handlebar

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with a dumbbell in each of your two hands. It consists of contracting the back, flexing the arms and bringing the dumbbells towards the chest.

The rower with dumbbells

Machine ironing

This second back exercise requires a gym machine to perform. A closed grip wider than shoulder measurement should be used. With both hands apart, you need to lower the bar and bring it back to the starting point.

Rowing machine

The machine rowing machine is one of the simplest exercises You just need to make sure you keep your back straight and don’t use more weight than you should. From this position, grasp the grip and bring all the weight towards you.

Day 3: biceps and triceps

Alternate push-ups of biceps

The first exercise will allow you to train your biceps independently. It consists of holding a weight in each hand and lifting the dumbbell up to shoulder height. At the end of a rep, you need to switch to the other arm.

Concentrated push-ups of biceps

For this second exercise you will need a bench .  Then sit on it, place your arm on your thigh while holding the dumbbell with that hand It consists of lifting it up to reach the shoulder and going down again to complete the repetition.

Triceps stretch with pulley behind the head

The first exercise for the triceps you can do with pulleys. It consists of passing the rope behind the head, contracting the triceps, opening the elbows and stretching the arms.

Seated Dumbbell Triceps Stretch

In this exercise you have to pass a weight over your head that you will support with both hands. Remember to sit and the movement consists of bending the arms while the elbows are kept in the same position.

Day 4: shoulders

Arnold Press

Arnold presses are one of our favorites and are undoubtedly the quintessential exercise for training the shoulders correctly. To begin with, you must sit with your back against the counter. Grab a dumbbell with each of your two hands and raise them to shoulder height as you turn your arms. The palms of the hands should be facing outward and the arms at a right angle.


We present another great exercise to strengthen the shoulder muscles The name describes the movement that must be performed: overcoming resistance while bringing the arms back, placing the elbows at right angles.

Raise with dumbbells

Lateral raises with handlebars

To finish with the shoulders,  you can perform this exercise with dumbbells or pulleys, working each arm separately. To start, take a weight and try to raise your arm to shoulder height. Once in a straight line with your shoulders, try to lightly support your arm and lower it to finish one rep.

Finally, don’t forget, this is only a one week muscle workout. However, it is possible to continue with the same routine for a while for excellent results. We are convinced that with motivation and discipline you will be able to achieve your goals!

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