Overdoing The Workouts: That’s Why Not Doing It

When you train too much, sport is no longer good for you and some of the consequences on the body are, for example, injuries, muscle cramps and inflammation, chronic tendonitis or fractures due to overload.
Overdoing your workouts: here's why not

Exercise is, without a doubt, essential for the body. In addition to toning the muscles, it reduces blood pressure, improves heart function, contributes to increasing self-esteem and improves long-term memory. However, as is always the case with excesses, it is not good to overdo it with workouts in the gym or at home.

If practiced in excess, sport causes an overload that is harmful to the organism, which suffers a strong decompensation. We often see cases of people obsessed with exercise and who, therefore, do not get enough rest between one gym session and another, and end up overdoing their workouts .

Overdoing Gym Workouts: Causes of Overload

L ‘ excessive training is one of the main causes of the overload; a situation that can occur in those beginners who perform high intensity exercises, but also in veterans who are obsessed with physical activity. very important to receive the signals of the body and to rest enough between one workout and another, based on your needs.

Girl tired from overtraining

Another cause can be central nervous system fatigue. In each exercise or movement, the brain sends orders to the muscles to perform that specific movement. The bad habit of overdoing the exercises in the gym can give rise to fatigue of the brain over time, which will then find it difficult to send the reaction signal to the muscle, even if the latter is in full shape.

Lack of nutrients is another common cause of training overload. It is essential that each of us bring the necessary calories and nutrients to the body for the body to recover energy between one workout and another.

Nutrition is the body’s fuel; it is essential to maintain a certain level during training. If we do not consume the necessary proteins, a lack of amino acids will be produced, which is very important for muscle regeneration.

Tips for preventing training overload and fatigue

When we train, it is very important to keep some considerations in mind, to avoid the symptoms of overtraining or fatigue. One of the most important is planning your workouts. This method turns out to be very useful if planned on the basis of a thorough knowledge of one’s abilities and limitations; for this it is necessary to establish training days and recovery days.

Another important point is what it has to do with taking it easy on your workouts and dosing the intensity of each session. It is necessary to rely on an intelligent and wise training program, to avoid overdoing the sessions in the gym.

Plan to not overdo the workouts

Also, to prevent fatigue, it is essential to sleep well. During sleep, the body rests more and, consequently, re-oxygenates and recovers energy. When the hours of sleep are not enough, hormonal decompensation occurs.

it is essential to know how many calories, proteins, carbohydrates the body needs to do certain exercises. Good nutrition goes a long way in avoiding overtraining when you overdo your workouts in the gym; another good option is to ingest food supplements.

A good tip for anyone who trains is to learn to listen to your body. The body manifests its needs through various symptoms, such as fatigue, insomnia, tiredness, and other symptoms that are clear signals that something is wrong. In these cases you have to stop, reflect and review your training plan and the points mentioned above.

How to remedy overtraining and fatigue?

When the body feels fatigued or overloaded by training, it is advisable to give the body the necessary rest time to recover energy ; the right hydration is also fundamental. If all this is accompanied by sports massages, this will also contribute to relaxation of the body and mind.

A final recommendation concerns the importance of undergoing a medical examination for a general check-up, before undergoing an intense workout. Furthermore, it is also important to count on the guidance of a person trainer to be able to choose the type of training.

Gym workouts, like any other type of physical activity, must be done progressively. The beginner needs to adapt to the exercise program that suits their physique and progress, and not overdo the workouts. 

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