Plums In The Diet: Properties And Benefits

Are plums part of your daily diet? Today we are going to tell you about the great benefits of this delicious fruit
Plums in the diet: properties and benefits

If you want to lose weight, you need to know the importance of prunes in your diet. Incorporating them into your daily diet will make you reach the desired goal earlier and avoid the “rebound effect”. Even if you are already in your ideal weight, you can still enjoy the many benefits of plum.

In this article we will analyze the numerous properties of this sweet and tasty fruit that many love. It will be a real joy to take care of yourself and keep fit while enjoying the food.

The properties of plums

Talking about all the properties of plum requires a long analysis. Below we will see the main characteristics of this food so healthy for our body. You will be surprised to know that a simple fruit can have such positive effects on our health.

Diuretic effect

One of the best known properties of plums is their diuretic effect. Thanks to their high fiber and sorbitol content, they stimulate bowel movements and promote the expulsion of faeces.

For this reason they are particularly suitable for those suffering from occasional constipation. If it is a mild or moderate problem, plums are a totally natural way to remedy it.

High mineral content

Plums contain potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. These minerals are very useful for the body and have a positive effect on our health. For these reasons they are particularly suitable for people who suffer from anemia or who have a tendency to have low levels of minerals.

plums and minerals

They contribute to weight loss

They have very few calories, 100 grams of prunes contain only 36. Furthermore, being a food rich in potassium it has a satiating effect.

If you’re looking for a healthy food that won’t make you hungry until your next meal, prunes are a great choice.

The antioxidant effect of prunes

Plums contain vitamins of group C and E, so they are rich in antioxidants. This food helps us stay young and delay aging.

If they are consumed regularly, you will get smoother and “vital” skin. The same will happen internally, fighting free radicals will slow down the aging of neurons and arteries.

They prevent water retention

If you have a tendency to retain fluids and feel heavy and bloated, prunes can help alleviate this problem. Thanks to their potassium content, liquids are expelled from the body more easily and there is a lower tendency to water retention.

Different ways of eating plums

Plums are a very versatile food and can be eaten in several ways. Certainly you will not get bored in consuming them and you can combine them with other foods. Here are some simple ways to enjoy this amazing fruit:

  • Natural: during the harvest period, the best thing is to eat them natural because they contain the maximum of their properties. They are so sweet that you will feel like you are eating gummy candies, children will fall in love with them. If you want, you can combine them with bananas, pears and apples and prepare a delicious fruit salad.
  • Making a jam: plum jam is one of the best known. Its texture and flavor are amazing. You can spread it on bread and accompany it to a coffee for breakfast.
recipes with plums
  • For a homemade sponge cake with plums: if you know how to make cakes, you can chop plums and add them to the sponge cake. The result is very showy and the taste is spectacular.
  • Accompany them with meat: in some countries, a typical Christmas meal is turkey with prunes. However, you can combine them with any type of meat. The contrast between sweet and salty combines perfectly.

In summary, plums are a fruit with a low calorie content and, at the same time, they are nutritious and have many properties. If you still didn’t know them well, now you know that they are very tasty and that you can consume them regularly in various ways. In this way you can appreciate the precious nutrients and the benefits they bring to our health.

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