Press On Flat Bench: Technique And Advantages

It is an exercise used mainly by bodybuilders because it develops endurance, hypertrophy and muscle strength. It is considered to be high risk, so it is important to take care of the technique to avoid possible injury
Bench press: technique and benefits

The flat bench is one of the most used tools in gyms and gives incredible results. We remind you that it must be used methodically. In this article we will tell you about the technical details and the benefits of using this tool. Take note!

By doing bench presses, you will exercise your chest and arm muscles. Together with the deadlift and squats it is part of the three exercises performed in powerlifting . It cannot be used by everyone, for this exercise you need to have experience and an adequate physical condition.

Technical details

Any exercise, beyond the degree of difficulty, must be performed correctly. In this way the muscle memory will record a correct execution and will avoid the muscle possible tears, injuries or ruptures.

help needed to perform bench presses

It’s all a question of technique. It is possible that you have been doing this exercise for a long time, but that you do not ask yourself the problem of the correctness of the movement. Now is the time to see if you are making mistakes or not. Pay attention to the following technical explanation:

The position of the feet

While the position of the feet is not as important to bench press as in a squat, it is still an aspect to consider. It is from the feet that a large part of the strength you need to perform the exercise develops.

Try to keep your feet parallel, trying to place them symmetrically. The distance to the body should also not be too close or too far. The important thing is that the entire sole of the foot rests on the floor. This will allow you to generate the force from the floor and transfer it to the rest of the body.

The position of the back

The position under the barbell varies from person to person. The important thing is that you position yourself comfortably to grip the barbell without letting it hit the stops. Your back should be straight and resting on the bench throughout the exercise. Never bend your neck or put pressure on it.

A good grip

Hold the bar with determination and confidence, your arms should be straight and aligned with your shoulders. The barbell must be fully grasped and rested on the palms of the hands. If it was supported only by the fingers it is likely that the wrists will bend back causing you to make a serious mistake.

Smooth bench press

Breathing is another aspect to consider in order to perform this exercise successfully. Once you have taken the bar, bring it close to your chest and hold the position (forearms must be bent 90 degrees). Now inhale and as you begin the lifting movement, exhale. One trick to staying stable while exercising is to put pressure on your feet as if you were pushing the floor.

bench press breathing

Worth a try

The bench press is a challenging exercise that requires a lot of effort, but it’s worth it. It is widely used in gyms, so do not be afraid and face this exercise confident of the results you will get.

If you’re not sure, here are some benefits that we hope will change your mind:

  • Enhance pushing force.
  • Gives a strong and defined look to the pectorals and triceps.
  • Promotes bone health.
  • Helps define the anterior serratus muscle.
  • Great for increasing muscle volume.

It will also make you look attractive when you wear your favorite shirt. To obtain the listed benefits it is necessary to follow all the steps necessary for the correct execution of the exercise. Remember to stay hydrated and warm up well before exercise. Now you are ready to enter the world of powerlifting !

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