Quality Carbohydrates: Fuel For The Brain

Many studies recommend getting 50% of your calories from products containing high quality carbohydrates.
Quality Carbohydrates: Fuel for the Brain

There are several ways to assimilate high quality carbohydrates. These nutrients do not cause harm to the body and represent a fundamental element in the diet of each of us.

Carbohydrates: definition

Carbohydrates are molecular aggregates made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. The term carbohydrates is said to be incorrect because carbon atoms are not bonded to water molecules, but to other types of atoms.

They represent the main source of energy together with proteins and fats.

What are carbohydrates used for?

The main function of carbohydrates is to provide energy to the body. No organism can function without an adequate level of energy. Brain functions and the nervous system need the right amount of glucose to work properly.

Quality carbohydrates as the main source of energy

Compared to fats, from which energy is obtained through a slow and complex process, carbohydrates are digested more easily and provide immediate energy to the body. Furthermore, they produce very little toxic “waste” and, for this reason, are particularly suitable for diets.

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Their function is different from that of the construction of cellular tissue, typical of proteins and fats. Each nutrient has very specific characteristics.

Carbohydrates differ from each other for the speed of absorption: there are those with rapid absorption and those with slow absorption. The difference is in the time it takes to raise the blood sugar level.

The speed of absorption also depends on the type of food: fibers and fats do not have the same digestion times. Furthermore, times change depending on the degree of manipulation and processing the food has been subjected to.

All these characteristics lead us to the conclusion that slow-absorbing carbohydrates are the most suitable for our body. However, there are exceptions for fast-absorbing carbohydrates. This is the case with honey. This food has a type of glucose previously digested and, for this reason, highly beneficial for the body.

Simple and healthy ways to assimilate quality carbohydrates

There are several ways to consume quality carbohydrates. The important thing is to adopt a good diet and choose well the foods that will be part of our daily diet. One of the secrets is to exclude refined foods and those that have undergone elaborate preparation procedures.

Fresh foods are the ones that provide the best quality carbohydrates. This is the case with cereals, especially wholemeal ones.

Another food group that contains quality carbohydrates is that of fruits and vegetables. An important aspect is knowing how to distinguish the food from the product. By analyzing the problem from this point of view, we must learn to know how to select foods and consume fewer processed foods.

Whole grains for quality carbohydrates

Foods from whole grains, such as pasta and rice, contain a lot of fiber and have a variety of vitamins and minerals that are very useful for the body.

Whole grains are used for endurance sports


These types of foods, such as beans and lentils, are rich in fiber, vitamins and proteins. One cup of legumes contains about 16 grams of protein. They can be easily associated with other foods allowing the body to eat healthily.


This type of food is known for its supply of vitamins and minerals. The less you cook them, the greater the benefits for the body. It is recommended to eat vegetables every day or as often as possible.


It is a simple type of carbohydrate that brings significant benefits. Fruit contains fructose, a sugar that dissolves quickly in contact with water. Fructose can be considered a type of unrefined sugar that is very healthy and presents less risk to the body than common table sugar.

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