Running In The Evening Is Better: That’s Why

There are many reasons why running in the evening is better and can make exercise a relaxing and enjoyable activity. A moment just for you.
Running in the evening is better: here's why

Less heat, less stress and even fewer people on the street. There are many reasons for choosing to run in the evening, as much as the benefits it brings. Few safety precautions and you can enjoy pleasant and truly wellness moments.

A healthy body, physically and psychologically, finds one of its main allies in exercise. Brain oxygenation and circulation improve with training; the feeling of well-being passes through the body in a timely manner.

And if we can do physical activity without worrying about the sun’s rays, heat or pressure changes when we enter the gym, much better. There are few activities that regenerate like running in the evening .

These are moments only for ourselves, when our body releases endorphins while gaining us in health and beauty.

Reasons to run in the evening

Here are some of the reasons why running in the evening is better. When the daily chaos absorbs part of our days quickly, getting to the gym on time can become a real nightmare. If we dedicate the day to work and the evening to train and relax, the body will be more reactive.

  • If we have been on the move throughout the day and have also eaten several meals, the body will be active. You can start exercising feeling more energetic, as your body will have enough fat reserves, as well as carbohydrates and fats. By running in the evening, you will burn these fats.
  • Sleep will be even more pleasant, provided that you dedicate yourself to a cool-down before falling asleep. We must remember, in fact, that after physical activity the body remains active, so it is advisable to rest for a few moments, so that the muscles relax. In the morning, you will wake up in a better mood.


  • In the evening, you will avoid bumping into pedestrians. In fact, there are fewer people on the street and, therefore, there is more freedom of movement: in short, we do not risk running into annoying queues or the noise of the horns.
  • Also, in the evening it will be less hot and the worry of exposure to ultraviolet rays will lessen. The pleasant temperature complements the benefits of night running.
Athlete runs in the evening
  • One of the main reasons for running in the evening is the opportunity to relax. Without the pressure of time, we can dedicate ourselves to eliminating the tensions that accompany us during the day. So, put aside the pressure of punctuality and thoughtfulness.

Safety first of all

There are many reasons for running in the evening. However, to reap the benefits alone, a number of safety measures should be put in place.

First of all, it is necessary to use reflective clothing, with attractive colors, which allow you to be seen by others ; jackets or bracelets are ideal. This is especially important if you plan to run in areas where there is car traffic or if you are crossing particularly dark roads.

It is also worth running in the opposite direction to the cars. In this way, you will have more chances to react in the event that there are cars circulating in your lane.

See the path well

A second precaution to protect your safety when running in the evening is that it is extremely advisable to know the area in which we run. If you are not sure if you know how to orient yourself in a place, it is best to avoid it. Better to discover new routes during the day, and then follow them in the evening, before venturing out.

In company it is better

Try not to run alone : in company it is always better, for several reasons. In case of unforeseen events, there will be someone ready to help you.

Also, running with another person is always an extra motivation. If you are feeling lazy and don’t feel like leaving home, a date to run with a friend is the perfect excuse to do it.

Galloway method

In addition, always carry an identity document with you. Do not leave your mobile phone in case, even if it is better not to keep it at hand, to avoid temptation. In addition, it is good to bring a kind of torch with you, to illuminate the path. This will ensure that vehicles and other pedestrians see you and also that you have a good view of the route you are taking.

Without a doubt, the benefits of the evening run increase if we put into practice some precautions necessary to protect ourselves. In this way, the entertainment and well-being that exercise gives us will increase day by day.

Burning fat, oxygenating our brain and improving circulation are some of the benefits that don’t go unnoticed. You will notice them from the moment you start exercising regularly.

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