Slimming Your Face: Secrets And Tips To Do It

Losing weight in the facial area may seem like a mission impossible, as there are no tools in the gym to train this area.
Slimming the face: secrets and tips to do it

Slimming your face may seem like an impossible mission, as there are no tools in the gym to train this area. But luckily with a few simple exercises and modifying your habits slightly, you will be able to get a leaner face without any problems.

Having a round face can sometimes be a nightmare. You may have managed to lose weight in the rest of your body, but slimming your face is still too difficult.

In this article we will show you how to lose weight in the facial area, which although it is a part of the body often ignored in exercise routines, is still our ‘calling card’.

Is there a diet to slim the face?

While it is known that following a weight loss diet results in weight loss throughout the body, it is also true that the thick face is one of the most difficult areas to reduce.

Even if the roundness of your face is due to hereditary factors, it is possible to intervene to reduce it. First of all you have to opt for a healthier diet. In this way you will probably lose weight in general and gradually you will begin to notice results in the facial area as well.

The trick is to cut the excess calories. To do this, you need to increase your fiber intake and reduce your consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Of course, drinking more water every day can also be a good idea. Many times a round face is due to swelling or water retention in general.

Secrets to having a thinner face

In addition to following a balanced diet, a good idea is to consult a nutritionist. There are several tricks – or rather, habits – that you could adopt to get a leaner face:

1. Exercise 

Aerobic exercise is the most suitable in this case because it will allow you to lose weight all over your body, including your face! Choose sports or disciplines that you like and have fun, whether it’s jogging, spinning, zumba, cycling, boxing or swimming, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to train for at least 30 minutes a day.

Spinning to burn calories

2. Practice facial gymnastics

Probably the reason why slimming the face is so difficult is the fact that this part of the body is rarely exercised. However, there are some fun facial exercises that will also help you reduce stress and improve mood.

One idea would be to accentuate the facial expressions and repeat all the vowels aloud while keeping each letter for thirty seconds.

Another option is to inflate your cheeks and hold your breath for thirty seconds, these exercises must be repeated several times but you can also do them while watching television, cooking, reading or driving.

Another alternative: stand in front of the mirror and make several faces ; open and close your mouth, stick out your tongue, laugh out loud… 5 minutes a day will be enough.

3. Apply facial masks

It is not just a relaxing and perfect practice for when you want to disconnect a little from everyday problems, applying a mask can also serve to improve the appearance of the face, making it less round.

You can make face masks of any kind – with oats that are marvelous, or with yogurt, or even with honey, avocado, cucumber – and take the opportunity to enjoy a nice massage that also includes a nice lymphatic drainage and allow the elimination of fats and toxins.

4. Don’t drink alcohol

This advice should be applied in general, to maintain a good state of health, not only when you want to get a leaner face. Alcohol is scientifically proven to inflame and cause fluid retention. Therefore, avoid abusing it.

A glass of wine at dinner or a beer on the weekend is not the end of the world. But if your goal is to lose weight in the wine zone, it is best not to exceed these limits.

Drinking alcohol does not help slim the face

5. Make specific massages

In addition to when you apply the mask, even when you come home in the evening or when you get up in the morning you might consider getting a massage to ‘train’ your skin and muscles a little. Apply light pressure when washing your face and then apply a moisturizer.

To make a good reducing massage you could also use essential oils and make circular movements that start from the forehead and end on the jaw.

In the meantime the results of these small tricks become visible, you could try to ‘camouflage’ this feature of your face with makeup. It is enough to put on make-up with neutral tones and do not overdo it with the blush on the cheekbones to avoid accentuating this ‘defect’.

Either way, don’t worry! Going beyond mere appearance and the characteristics of yourself that you do not like, the important thing is that you feel at ease and above all that you live in a healthy and happy way!

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