Sneakers For Running: Which Ones To Choose?

Choosing the right sneakers to go running is crucial to having good performance and not risking injury.
Sneakers for running: which to choose?

There is a wide variety of running sneakers on the market. Some offer us an attractive price, others a beautiful design and comfort.

Running means greater impact, up to three times our body weight, with each step. Hence the importance of choosing a good pair of sneakers , taking into account your needs.

What are sneakers?

These are footwear designed for sports, which are generally made of leather, canvas or synthetic material. Depending on the country of production, they are called sports shoes, sports shoes, tennis shoes, trainers, bamboo shoes, rubber shoes, or plasma .

To offer more flexibility, their sole is made of rubber. Although they were originally designed to play sports, many people of all ages, both children and young people and adults, use them today in their everyday life.

Types of running shoes

There is a wide range of sports shoes for running; depending on the brand, the genre, the type of step and the use we make of it, we have for example:

  • The competition ones .
  • For training.
  • For trail running, trekking or hiking.
  • Mixed ones , suitable for both training and competitions.
  • Athletics shoes , with studs, based on the type of athletics.

Which components of the sneaker need to be considered

When choosing, consider the following components of the running shoe:

The upper

Refers to the upper part of the athletic shoe, better known as the upper. This is the part above the sole. It can be sewn in several stitches joined together or it can simply be a single piece.

The sole

This is the part that wears more easily due to contact with the ground. At the time of purchase, make sure it is soft and can be folded easily, thus allowing for good movement of the feet.


Always choose a pair of sports shoes that are as light as possible, which therefore weigh less than 300 grams. Heavy sneakers cause a lot of problems.

The drop

This is the height difference between the heel and the toe of the sports shoe. Since the drop affects the way we run, it is recommended that this space does not exceed 8 millimeters.

The comfort

The comfort offered by the sneaker is important when it comes to running. Shoes must be comfortable to avoid annoying friction.

The cushioning

Cushioning (or air chamber) is important for the foot to rest and have good heel control. This aspect helps to minimize the impact of the body on the joints. The level of cushioning of the shoe gives greater resistance.

There are those who opt for minimalist sneakers, that is, with little or no type of cushioning. Some prefer them because they help you run more naturally and therefore offer a better perception of the terrain. There are no specific data indicating which is the best option in this regard.

The right time to change sneakers

To determine when is the right time to change them, you need to take into account your body weight, the way you walk and the way you store your shoes. Furthermore, there are other factors, such as:

  • If they have holes, scratches or streaks.
  • How many kilometers they have traveled.
  • If they have damaged insoles.
  • If you experience strange pain in the heel or tarsus when wearing them.

7 noteworthy tips

Sneakers for running

Keep the following tips in mind:

  1. They must be one size larger than your usual shoe size ; this is because your feet tend to swell as you run.
  2. Use socks so your feet don’t sweat too much.
  3. Do not use damaged sports shoes, as they cause a mechanical imbalance of the foot, which can lead to serious injuries.
  4. Check the insole of your sports shoe regularly, especially if you run long distances. Keep in mind that its “useful life” varies from 600 to 1200 kilometers.
  5. To extend the life of your tennis shoes, buy two pairs. According to the training you are going to do, alternate them.
  6. Never “break in” an athletic shoe during a race. Give the shoe time to adapt to your foot during pre-race training.
  7. Run a test of your pitch, so as to know which is the type of athletic shoe to use.

Since sports shoes are the most important aspect of a runner’s clothing, you must choose carefully. However, if you do not know how to choose or if you have doubts when buying, we recommend that you contact someone who knows the subject thoroughly. You could also go to a shop that specializes in running sports shoes.

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