Sports Recommended For Those Suffering From Hypertension

The sports recommended for a hypertensive person are aerobic ones. However, there are some precautions that need to be taken so that exercise does not cause complications.
Sports recommended for hypertension sufferers

Today we will talk about the sports recommended for those suffering from hypertension and those that are to be avoided. In any case, exercise is part of the medical indications that help keep the disease under control.

Hypertensive patients shouldn’t rely on medication alone. Lifestyle changes are also needed, which in turn have an impact on blood pressure. One of these changes is definitely about diet, while the other is about sport.

The sports recommended for those suffering from hypertension are those that offer benefits such as lowering blood pressure values, or that reduce cardiovascular risk factors, such as overweight.

Also, hypertension sufferers should get used to using the right tools to measure blood pressure. It is essential that the pressure is checked daily and that you know how to do it, learning to correctly read the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat appear on the device.

Medical advice is essential, since, as we have said, we need to look beyond drug therapy. Read on to find out which sports are recommended for those with hypertension.

How much sport is recommended for a hypertensive person?

The good news is that hypertension sufferers don’t need long training sessions and strenuous sports to achieve a metabolic effect. In fact, almost all the sports recommended for a hypertensive person are performed in a non-intense way.

Exercise to lower blood pressure relies on aerobic movements of the body, and these include climbing stairs, cycling, or dancing. With a little bit of effort, we can adapt our training routine and include these exercises.

Women in the gym doing aerobic exercise.

Many doctors recommend 150 minutes of physical activity during the week to impact blood pressure readings. This equates to 30 minutes a day at least 5 times a week.

You can reduce the time by increasing the intensity and reach 75 minutes per week. However, care must be taken to avoid the risk of injury and adverse effects.

The 30 minutes a day can be spread out throughout the day so you don’t have to do everything together. For example, having a 20-minute session in the morning and a 10-minute session in the afternoon is a great solution.

For those who lead a sedentary lifestyle due to desk or office work, a good walk should also be included, in addition to the recommended sport to lower blood pressure. Therefore, getting up from your chair and walking for 5 minutes every hour can have a favorable impact on the health of a person suffering from hypertension.

When to see a doctor?

The doctor will not choose the sport for a hypertensive person, but his advice is still necessary. A professional can guide the choice by recommending what is best depending on the age and health condition of the patient.

Doctor measuring the pressure.  Sports recommended for those suffering from hypertension.

When a hypertensive person chooses to do physical activity, they should undergo specific tests before starting, especially if it is a patient over the age of 50. If so, other factors, such as cardiovascular risk, will also need to be monitored.

Being overweight is also a factor to consider before starting a sport. In fact, obesity requires a progressive sports approach that must be accompanied by a diet appropriate to the age and weight of the patient.

On the other hand, a hypertensive person who also suffers from other diseases must be in a stable situation to start sports. The presence of diabetes, for example, is a factor that determines the choice of the type of sport to be played.

So, once we have started playing sports, we must be able to recognize the signals that can manifest themselves while we train. If a person with hypertension experiences chest pain, for example, or suffers from dizziness, they should stop exercising and get checked.

Sports recommended for hypertension sufferers

So which sport should a hypertensive person practice? First of all, it has to be a type of exercise that the person likes. This is a fundamental principle of sports practice. Hence, one must aim to solve the health problem.

As we have already mentioned, the greatest benefit for hypertension comes from aerobic exercise: running, swimming and cycling are the most suitable sports. Doctors recommend playing these sports twice a week.

Woman doing swimming.

Team sports are not recommended, as it is more difficult to achieve continuity with these sports and establish the necessary weekly guidelines. Either way, they can be combined with running, swimming and cycling.

As for anaerobic sports, doctors recommend taking some precautions if you are hypertensive. You can do bodybuilding, for example, but medical checks must be rigorous.

Hypertension can be treated with sport

In short, sport is part of the treatment plan for a person suffering from hypertension. This is because, along with diet and medications, it helps control blood pressure.

As we have explained in this article, there is no excuse for not exercising, especially if it helps the patient to keep their condition under control. So take heart and get started!

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