Strange Phenomena In Our Body When We Train

Have you noticed strange phenomena in your body when exercising? We are going to tell you about some oddities that you have certainly noticed at least once.
Strange phenomena in our body when we train

Strange phenomena occur in the organism during its daily functioning. In this article, we introduce you to the strangest things that happen to the body when we train. Read on!

The human body is made up of several organs. They are grouped into systems which complement each other and which function to keep the human being alive. At the same time, there are several strange phenomena that you have surely noticed and that affect the body on a daily basis, especially when you train.

Most people only know the main processes underlying the functioning of the organism. Not bad, but the more you know how your body works, the better you can take care of it.

There are cases which are common for the human being and which are therefore easily treatable; on the other hand, there are other cases where we do not know what is happening to the body and we turn to a specialist. The best thing is to learn something more every day, in order to become aware of ourselves.

What happens to my body? Here are some strange phenomena

By training different muscles, organs, ligaments, hormones – as well as other elements of the body – they begin to work to perform the necessary movements and processes during training.

Now, beyond the normal phenomena that affect the body, such as the increased heart rate, the elimination of toxins and the release of endorphins, there are other quite strange phenomena that you certainly do not imagine.

In this article we will list the main strange phenomena:

1. You are smarter

It is not that exercising will have the same intelligence as Albert Einstein, but you will notice a difference in the way your brain processes information if you exercise regularly.

The brain works better because training increases blood flow, which promotes oxygenation of the brain. In this way, you will be able to analyze and process the information in the best way.

Strange phenomena when you train

In addition, it will also improve your concentration and body movement coordination skills. Finally, you will have a firmer grip.

2. You need to go to the bathroom

For sure, in the middle of a workout, you will have felt the urgent need to go to the bathroom. What happens is that the gastrointestinal organs are stimulated during training; for this reason, the elimination of toxins is accelerated.

Hydration levels, foods eaten, and exercise intensity all affect how often weird phenomena like this can occur. For this reason, it is good to try to follow a balanced diet and leave a margin of time as a precaution after eating and before exercising.

3. Nausea

This feeling is common in people who are just starting physical activity or in athletes who are starting to increase the intensity of their workouts. Initially, it is due to increased blood flow in the digestive system and jumps or movements that cause stomach spasms.

Even nausea can lead to vomiting. In fact, throwing up occasionally if your workouts are very intense is possible. However, it doesn’t have to happen often: if it happens to you often, it is advisable to see your doctor.

4. It all revolves around you

Feeling that everything is moving around you, getting dizzy and even “seeing the stars” is not in your imagination, nor does it mean that there is something wrong with you.

It simply happens that physical activity increases the size of the heart’s ventricles. Ending an exercise abruptly and taking a long break can reduce blood flow, which causes nausea.

For this reason, you should never stop exercising suddenly. If you are very tired and want to take a break, gradually reduce the intensity until your breathing and heart rate stabilize; then, sit down to rest.

Running Man

5. Sore nipples

This only applies to runners. During marathons or long distance runs, beginners end up with sore, or even bleeding, nipples. This is due to the salt contained in the sweat and which, when drying, causes this reaction, also caused by the rubbing of the fabric of the shirt.

Professionals use special protections of different brands. However, if you are a fan, you can take other, cheaper precautions, such as petroleum jelly or adhesive bands.

To sum up, going to the bathroom, throwing up, or thinking more clearly are things the body experiences as a result of exercise. It might sound strange, but the truth is that they are more normal facts than they seem.

We are sure that your body will have experienced at least one. Do not consider it strange: it is stranger not to know what happens to our body!

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