Strength In Sport: 4 Disciplines Where It Is Essential

Strength sports also require discipline and specific anaerobic training. Let’s see what they are.
Strength in sport: 4 disciplines where it is essential

The goal of sports in which the use of force is essential is undoubtedly to demonstrate that the athlete possesses this ability. In other words, that he is able to lift a certain weight and throw or hold it. In this article we will talk in detail about strength in sport and in which disciplines it is indispensable.

Characteristics of strength sports

The so-called “strength sports” arose in ancient times, in fact we have evidence of exercises and competitions in which it was necessary to demonstrate how much weight an athlete was able to lift, load or throw.

In the modern Olympic Games, weightlifting, or weightlifting, has been defined as a sport to be included since the first edition of 1896. The most important skill that an athlete practicing a sport of strength must possess is, precisely, strength. physical, especially of the arms, but also of the back and legs.

In sports where strength is essential, anaerobic conditions are trained, with short, high-intensity lifting breaks.

Strength in sport: disciplines in which it is indispensable

The first sport in which we make use of the force that comes to our chin is undoubtedly weight lifting; however, although it is the most popular, it is not the only strength sport. Check out the others below:

1. Weightlifting

Being the best known, we decided to put it first on our list. This sport, also known as weightlifting, consists of lifting the maximum possible weight with a metal bar with several discs at the ends ; this set of elements is called “balance wheel”.

Within weightlifting (main image), there are two specialties: snatch and momentum. In the first, the lifting of the barbell above the head must take place in a single movement, without pauses; in the second, a pause is allowed at shoulder height before extending the arms above the head.

2. Powerlifting

This discipline, which we could translate as “power lifting”, is another example of the use of strength in sport. It consists of doing three exercises with a barbell and different discs: the squat, the bench press and the deadlift.

Man practicing powerlifting: strength in sport

It differs from weight lifting because the movements go from the floor to the head, which must not be overcome. The trajectory of the bar, therefore, is less. Although powerlifting has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee, it has not yet been included in the Olympics, not even as an exhibition.

3. Strength in sport: tug-of-war

Yes, it is a sport recognized by an International Federation. The goal of this discipline is to make two teams of eight players compete each other who have to pull a rope of 10 centimeters in circumference.

Tug of war

The string has a mark in the center and four meters from the line in question, on both sides. You start shooting with the aim of getting the opposing team up to the center line. Given its simplicity, it is one of the oldest sports in the world.

4. Shot of the weight

This discipline that is part of athletics, also known as shot put, consists of making a metal ball go as far as possible. The first evidence of this sport appears in the Iliad , as it was present in the funeral games in honor of Patroclus in the year 826. In modern times, it is present in the traditional competitions of Scotland and Ireland of the eighteenth century.

Weight throw as an example of the use of force in sport

The ball exceeds seven kilos in men’s and four in women’s competitions. The launch area consists of a platform whose diameter is 2.135 m, with a concrete surface.

Shot put is an Olympic sport whose record dates back to the 1996 Atlanta edition, when the American Randy Barnes reached 23.12 meters. In the women’s category, the record is even earlier, Moscow 1980, of the German Ilona Slupianek who reached 22.41 meters.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the strongman, or “strong man”, another discipline in which it is possible to admire the use of strength in sport. It involves several tests in which participants must show their power by carrying, dragging and / or lifting logs, pushing a truck, practicing boxing, performing squats or deadlifts with barrels and lifting weights on the head.

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