Sun Protection: 3 Mistakes Not To Make

In the summer months, it is essential to protect the skin from the sun’s rays. When we practice sports, even if we put on a sunscreen we can make several mistakes that actually reduce its effectiveness, exposing us to the damage of UV rays.
Sunscreen: 3 mistakes you shouldn't make

With the arrival of summer the sun’s rays become more powerful, which also increases the possibility of sunburn on the skin. This is even more common when playing outdoor sports. It is very important to have good sun protection and to avoid some mistakes that are common.

Why it is important to use a sunscreen

The sun emits radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves that reach the earth. We are able to differentiate a spectrum that we call visible light, but below we find other waves that we cannot see called infrared, because they are below the red color.

However, there are other, much more powerful rays that can affect our tissues and produce unwanted effects: they are ultraviolet rays.

Within the ultraviolet spectrum we find three types of waves: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC rays are not dangerous, as they are mitigated by the ozone layer; instead the UVB ones reach our epidermis and the UVA ones reach the dermis, an even deeper layer.

UVB waves are the ones that are most related to the appearance of superficial burns and skin cancer. However, they are also the ones we can easily defend with sunscreen.

The mistakes of the athlete when protecting himself from the sun

When we go out for outdoor sports we expose ourselves to all this radiation, which is particularly dangerous in the months of July and August in the Northern Hemisphere.

Girl is surfing in the sea

Therefore, we must pay particular attention during these months to the care of our skin to keep it as healthy as possible and to avoid the appearance of diseases such as melanoma. Next, we will list some mistakes that are often made:

1. Not using enough sunscreen

We usually overestimate the protection provided by the cream. Some people even choose to use a low protection cream or not use it at all to tan.

This is a mistake, as we could excessively damage the cells of the epidermis. We must always ensure that the skin is sufficiently protected, even if we tan more slowly.

Another very important issue is related to protecting the most sensitive areas, such as the face or neck, with a special cream. In fact, there are special creams for these parts of the body, which are more prone to burns because the impact of the sun’s rays is more direct and lasts longer.

Other important points include not protecting some areas because they are covered – such as the shoulders or around the neck – and not properly moisturizing the skin after exercise.

2. Do not use adequate protection

Many athletes use simple sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun, such as the one they would use to go to the beach or pool. While this cream can be useful when we walk and don’t sweat a lot, it is very important to consider that sweating reduces the absorption of the sunscreen.

Therefore, if we are doing sports and sweating, which is very normal given the summer temperatures, the ideal would be to buy a special sweat resistant cream.

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3. Don’t wear sunscreen when swimming

During the summer months, many people choose to do the exercises by swimming in the pool. While bathers tend to protect themselves thoroughly with the aim of sunbathing outside the pool, people who often go swimming often forget about skin protection.

However, we should know that the sun’s rays can damage our skin even more if we are underwater. Consequently, it is necessary to apply special water-resistant creams to protect it.

In short, prevention is the best measure we can take if we want the right sunscreen. Protecting yourself from the sun is essential to avoid serious health problems, especially in summer. It is not strenuous and we will do our skin a huge favor.

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