Surfing In The Summer, A Great Idea For Sports

If you are looking for a physical activity to do in the summer months, surfing will surely allow you to keep fit in a healthy and fun way.
Surfing in the summer, a great idea for sports

As the holiday season approaches, many fitness enthusiasts are wondering how to keep fit away from the gym. In fact, there are many options available that you can choose too, to avoid accumulating fat and losing weight when you are on vacation. Fortunately, summer offers favorable climatic conditions for an infinity of sports activities. For example, surfing is a healthy and fun alternative, which will allow you to train your whole body while being in contact with nature.

Obviously, this is a sport for which you will need to take a few lessons. But, once you become familiar with the board, you will be able to surf, filling your days at the sea with joy and fun. You will train your arms, legs, pecs and even your breath. Without forgetting that you can even improve certain skills, such as balance and coordination.

Why surf in the summer?

If lying in the sun on the beach, all day, is not for you and nor do you want to stop exercising for too many days, preferring to keep fit even on vacation, surfing is certainly an alternative to consider.

The advantages of this discipline, which is said to have originated in the exotic Hawaiian Islands, are truly many. If this is your first time on board a board, the good news is that in the Italian seas the waves are not as high (and dangerous) as those of the ocean. In addition, you will not have problems with cold, so you can surf simply using a swimsuit and life jacket, without the use of neoprene suits.

You would like to surf in the summer

In addition to the beauty of this water sport, you cannot ignore the physical and mental benefits it offers to those who practice it. The fact of being able to slide on a board above the waves is really very exciting. In fact, it is a discipline that takes place in full contact with nature, perfect for releasing the stress accumulated throughout the year and the only noises you will hear will be the wind, the seagulls and the crashing of the sea on the shore.

If you want to surf in the summer, you will discover a way to train and keep yourself in perfect shape. In addition to breathing pure air, this sport will help you tone your muscles. In particular, the arms (it’s a great activity for children) and legs (they will get stronger from the activity of climbing and balancing on the board) are the muscle groups that will work the most.

You will also strengthen your back, abs and knees. And, in no time, you can show off hard buttocks like rocks! It is also an aerobic discipline that will allow you to burn a lot of calories.

As you have seen, the benefits of this sport that is absolutely youthful and fun are really many: you will improve coordination, endurance and balance, at the same time. Furthermore, your immune system will be significantly strengthened. You can say goodbye to traditional autumn colds.

Short guide to surfing safely

Now that you know the main benefits of surfing for your health, both physical and mental, it’s time to take action. Basically, this sport is based on positioning yourself on a board, entering the sea and standing up to favor and direct the thrust offered by a wave.

It is not mandatory to start surfing at a young age, to be able to do it well. Nor is your goal to become a professional. Surfing is a sport suitable for everyone, even for those who have never seen a board, not even in a photograph. As a minimum requirement, let’s say, it is required to know how to swim well or in any case to have a good relationship with water, because often you end up in the water.

There are different types of surf depending on the board you will use (short or long), the type of waves (small or large) and also according to the type of accessories you will use:

  • Kite surfing : movement is guaranteed by a kite that is controlled through a system of ropes and trapeze.
  • Stand up paddle : the famous Hawaiian sport, with the person standing on the board using a paddle to move.
  • Jet Surf : it is a surf equipped with a motor and which allows you to slide on the water and move on the waves by operating an accelerator cable.

The essential thing, regardless of the type of surf, is to be able to count on the use of a board. However, that doesn’t mean you have to buy one. We recommend that you take a few lessons at a nearby surf school and rent the equipment. At least until you have become familiar with sport and are really sure that this activity you like and is for you.

A few lines ago we said that, at least in the Mediterranean Sea, wearing a wetsuit is not mandatory, for reasons related to the climate. However, keep in mind that these suits also perform an important protective and safety function.

On the one hand, they will protect you from any knocks and scratches. On the other hand, they guarantee good buoyancy and, together with the life jacket, in case of emergency they will allow you to stay afloat and be located more easily.

If you are planning your summer vacation, have a look on the internet and find the surf school closest to your chosen holiday destination. Ask for information on timetables and prices and start practicing this ancient sport. Surfing is definitely the perfect idea to keep fit and burn calories in the summer: you will return to the city stronger and healthier than before!

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