The 100 Repetition Routine

The 100 reps routine is perfect for those who love challenges. Discover it and try it to test yourself with an unprecedented workout.
The 100 repetition routine

When you start a workout, or if you have been doing it for some time, you usually try to change your routine. Perform routines that are effective and bearable, but at the same time allow you to reach new goals and push your limits. As the body acquires skills, increasingly demanding routines are required. Hence the routine of 100 repetitions.

It is a routine that seems difficult, and indeed it is, but its results are excellent. If you like challenges and want to show that you have the ability to overcome them, the 100 reps routine will be a great start to challenge your body.

The 100 repetition routine

The 100 reps routine became popular in the 1980s thanks to bodybuilder Rory Leidelmeyer. Yes, that’s quite a large number of repetitions. Therefore it is important not to perform this workout for more than two weeks in a row avoiding excessive muscular effort.

excessive effort

The 100 repetition routine will give your muscles growth and strength equal to that of the ancient Greeks. If you haven’t done many repetitions of the same exercise, you can divide it into segments. The important thing is to finish the 100 repetitions and remember the following indications:

  • do not perform the 100 repetition routine for all muscles on the same day: this routine is quite demanding on a muscular level, so it is advisable to choose two groups of muscles to work in a day (for example abs and pectorals or glutes and biceps).
  • If you don’t complete the routine the first time, don’t be hard on yourself: it’s important to draw a line between exertion and the risk of atrophying a muscle. This means that if you are very tired but have the ability to complete the routine, that’s fine. If, on the other hand, you feel that the muscles can no longer hold up, it is best to stop before tearing or damaging them.

Muscles at work

There are several ways to do the 100 reps routine. You can try them and use the ones that suit you best or alternate them. What changes is the rhythm of the execution, since in the end you will still perform 100 repetitions of the chosen exercise.

zumba session

If possible, supplement this routine with other cardio exercises. You can do a HIIT or Zumba session and then perform the 100 reps routine. This is convenient because through cardio fitness the body warms up and the muscles will be more performing during the 100 repetition routine.

There are three ways to do this routine:

  • 50 reps in the morning or afternoon – 50 reps in the afternoon or evening (after about 6 hours of the first 50 reps).
  • 25 repetitions every half hour until you reach 100.
  • 10 repetitions every hour until you reach 100.

Focus on the muscles

Now you are wondering, “100 repetitions of what?” Simple, once you have chosen the group of muscles you want to work, you will have to perform the exercises that focus the effort in those areas. For example, if it’s glutes and biceps, you’ll need to do squats and pushups. The important thing is that you train to contract the desired muscles.

Here are some exercises you can do depending on the muscle groups you want to train:

  • Chest: Push-up on the bar, Australian push-up.
  • Adductors and glutes: Sumo squat and jump squat.
  • Abdominals: Leg raises and push-ups.
girl doing push-ups

When doing strenuous workouts you need to pay attention to your body. Therefore, if the routine is very demanding, you will tire more and you will have to rest longer, so that the muscles recover properly.

In addition, you will need to take care of your diet and try to consume proteins and foods that give you energy. If you also want to increase the volume of your muscles, you can use supplements.

Remember not to overdo it and complement this routine with cardio exercises, don’t give up. Performing 100 repetitions may seem difficult, but it is worth seeing how much the body can improve both aesthetically and in terms of health. Give 100% of your energy!

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