The 4 Best Exercises To Strengthen The Leg Muscles

Strengthening the leg muscles eliminates flaccidity and makes them appear toned. It also allows you to maintain good blood flow which reduces or avoids varicose veins and cellulite.
The 4 best exercises to strengthen the leg muscles

The legs are one of the most important limbs of our body, since thanks to them we move and keep ourselves upright. During their lifetime it is necessary to keep them healthy and strong for their proper functioning.

Find out how to do it with these exercises to strengthen the leg muscles.

Full squat

This exercise is full of sessions. In fact, its name comes from the English “squat” (squat, squat). Squats are effective for working your legs. In fact, in a normal squat, the quadriceps, glutes, calves and adductors work.

woman sitting full squat

Before starting the exercises, you will need to hydrate yourself well and warm up your muscles. A little stretching and five minutes of jogging are enough to warm up and get your legs to work:

  • Five sets of twenty squats : this being the first exercise in the cycle, only regular squats are performed so that the leg muscles warm up further. When doing a squat it is very important not to put the body forward, but backwards. To help you perform this exercise correctly, you can use a chair or bench. Do the movement as if you were going to sit down, but without actually doing it. Your calves must form a ninety degree angle. In order for your leg muscles to work, it is important that you do this exercise correctly.
  • Five sets of twenty jump squats: this exercise is like a normal squat, but preceded by a jump. Jump and land in a squat and from that same position jump again.
  • Five sets of twenty sumo squats : Sumo squats are a type of squat that simulates the position of Sumo wrestlers. You will need to open your legs slightly and squat a little lower than normal.

This first series is a good start for awakening the leg muscles. Squats will always be present in leg workouts thanks to their benefits: they tone, burn fat and give muscle strength.

Heart attack legs

Beautiful legs are simply healthy legs. This type of exercise can be performed twice a week, so that the legs can have a day of rest. If that’s the case, once the workout becomes easy, you can use a weight or gradually increase the reps. The aim is not only to awaken the muscles, but also to strengthen them. Five sets of the following exercises:

  • Thirty scissor jumps
  • Twenty five squats
  • Twenty-five jump squats
  • Ten burpees. Burpees are CrossFit exercises. You have to jump, do a push-up and return to the starting position. If you are not familiar with burpees, you can find out by clicking here.
  • Fifty skipping. Skipping is like jumping, but bringing the knees up to the hips.
burpees session

Goodbye flaccidity

Strengthen, tone, sculpt; all this requires commitment and perseverance. Your legs are very likely to hurt a little in the first few days of exercising. This is normal and also a good sign, as it means that you have really worked your muscles. Gradually the pain will subside with increasing muscle strength.

The following workout takes a lot of effort. Remember, when working on your legs, to use suitable footwear and to do it on an obstacle-free surface.

Do three sets of the following exercises:

  • Twenty-five scissor jumps
  • Fifteen burpees
  • Thirty squats
  • Twenty sumo squats
  • Fifteen pistol squats. Pistol squats are performed with one leg extended forward and the other crouched down. If you don’t have much strength yet, you can do the exercise halfway or help yourself by holding onto a pole or column.
  • Twenty kickbacks for each leg. The kickback is performed by placing the hands and knees on the ground, keeping the back straight and extending one of the legs as high as possible, then returning to the starting position. The exercise is repeated twenty times for each leg.
  • Ten jump squats.
woman jumping to star

Steel legs

This last routine is the one that presents the most difficulties. You have to warm up very well before starting and put in a lot of effort. While exercising, you can listen to music or invite friends to train with you. This will make it more bearable.

Do two sets of the following exercises:

  • Thirty squats
  • Fifty scissor jumps
  • Twenty-five jump squats
  • Fifteen burpees

Four 45-second sets of the following exercises:

  • Crab walks : These are steps in a squat position. That is, do a squat and walk sideways without leaving the position.
  •  Alternate kickbacks for each leg.
  • Skipping.
  • Tip toe wall sit : this exercise consists of placing your back against the wall while you are in the squat position, keeping the soles of the feet flexed; that is, on tiptoe.

Until the end

Waking up the leg muscles can be a little painful at first, not during training, but later when the muscle is at rest. Therefore, it is recommended to stretch after training to refresh and oxygenate the muscles. You can also have a massage with coconut oil or cream before bed.

Don’t let anything stop you. These exercises to awaken the leg muscles may seem complex. However this is no reason not to try. Nobody said having strong muscles is an easy task. Additionally, these exercises can be the motivation and initiation to greater goals.

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