The 5 Most Dangerous Sports Ever

In recent years, statistics have given us an idea of ​​the danger posed by some sports. Find out here which are the most dangerous of all.
The 5 most dangerous sports ever

The inexhaustible list of man-made sporting practices certainly hosts disciplines that can be deadly. Great speeds, dangerous movements and dizzying heights are the decisive variables for less safe sports. Let’s see together 5 of the most dangerous sports ever.

Indeed, there are statistics that demonstrate the danger of any discipline. It is true that in sports such as football and basketball the risk of injury is almost inevitable, but here we are talking about 5 of the most dangerous sports ever that can lead anyone to an unexpected result.

5 of the most dangerous sports ever

1. The BASE jump, at the top of the ranking of the most dangerous sports

The BASIC jump is a skydiving mode that requires you to jump into the void only from a certain point. BASE is an acronym that identifies the various places from which professionals choose to jump. These are: building ( building , in English), antenna ( antenna ), bridges ( span ) and terrestrial sites such as hills and cliffs ( earth ).

The jump is carried out with special clothing, which helps the athlete to glide with the wind and parachute. Part of the danger has to do with the short distance between the launch point and the ground. We refer, in general, to a maximum of 60 or 70 meters, in which many eventualities can occur.

Paratroopers have little time to react and their fall depends on changing variables such as a snowstorm. Since its invention, it is estimated that around 200 people have lost their lives in BASE jumping. The probability of dying while practicing BASE jumping appears to be 1 in 560, making it undoubtedly one of the most dangerous sports of all.

BASIC jumping among the most dangerous sports of all

2. Mountaineering has caused the death of some of its greatest exponents

The register of mountaineering experts who died while practicing this sport is truly extensive. It is said that, for every six you climb Mount Everest, one is fatal. The problem is not only the great height, but the high physical and mental demands of the sport.

Mountaineers say that the greatest risks do not occur when climbing, but when descending. Deaths from mountaineering occur for various reasons: falls, hypothermia, lack of oxygen, frostbite, among others. Due to the physical demands it implies, mountaineering is one of the riskiest sports.

Almost all the great practitioners and innovators of this sport died in the mountains. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the probability of dying while climbing a mountain is 1 in 1750. For those who do so in Nepal, this index would be 1 in 167. The higher you climb, for example in the Himalayas, the odds increase. .

Mountain climbing

3. The helix: snow and high-altitude sports

In practice, snow sports are not as dangerous as many others. However, only one is an exception: the elisci. The problem with this discipline is that it combines the risks of snow with those of high altitude.

The helicopter practices off-piste skiing and freeride with a helicopter as a means of ascent, to land on the snow and maneuver at high speed on the slopes. The greatest risk is falling badly or not being able to maneuver due to wind speed. Furthermore, it is a sport with a high environmental impact, as it causes damage to wildlife and promotes the formation of avalanches.

Even when the landing is reached, the next problem is the high speed descent maneuver. Any false movement could affect the trajectory and result in an accident or fall. The other challenge is the uneven terrain. Without a doubt, helix is ​​one of the 5 most dangerous sports ever.

Elisci among the most dangerous sports ever

4. High speed disciplines: Formula 1 and motorcycling

Driving at high speed in a closed competition is very dangerous. Those who do so in Formula 1 races have a one in 100 chance of dying in an accident. Think that this statistic is even more disheartening than that of mountaineering.

On the other hand, motorcycle racing has a wider but equally dangerous margin. According to US statistics, the probability of death in motorcycle racing is between 1 and 1000.


5. Boxing and its high death rate

While boxing does not involve speed, dizziness and heights, it is a demanding discipline, one of the most dangerous sports ever. In 1976 a reporter wrote for a very popular newspaper that by that time more than 500 boxers had died in the ring.

In reality, there is a certain reserve on the total number of victims that boxing sows each year. According to some calculations, it is estimated that the probability of dying while practicing boxing is 1 in 2200. This is not counting the brain injuries that affect boxers throughout their lives.

Boxing among the most dangerous sports of all

There are also many standardized disciplines that involve risks that should not be underestimated. For example, the damage suffered by American football and wrestling players is astonishing. However, playing a sport, with all the dangers inherent in it, is always a personal decision.

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