The Artichoke, The Ally Of Those Who Want To Lose Weight

Do you know that artichoke can be the ideal food for losing weight? Here are the details of the properties of this vegetable that will help you achieve your goal. 
The artichoke, the ally of those who want to lose weight

Thinking of all the foods useful for losing weight,  artichoke is certainly one of the first to consider This vegetable is the protagonist of many diets, given its properties.

In this article we will explain why artichoke  is so important in diets and, in addition, we will offer you three easy and quick recipes to prepare for weight loss.

Why is artichoke useful for weight loss?

That artichokes are one of the most consumed foods in any diet is no coincidence. In fact, the main reason is that it is a food with various properties and, at the same time, with a low calorie content.

As it is low in calories, you can consume it in large quantities. This way, you can get sated in a healthy way. In addition, the artichoke is rich in fiber, which facilitates intestinal mobility and avoids burdening digestion.

One of the lesser known characteristics of artichokes is that it contains cynarin. This substance promotes fat loss and avoids water retention. Without a doubt, two very interesting properties from the point of view of slimming.

For all these characteristics, this vegetable has long been the protagonist of many diets. It goes without saying that with this alone you will not get results, but it is still a great help. However, remember that exercise must always be a fundamental pillar in all weight loss plans.

The artichoke is the protagonist of many diets

Various ways to lose weight using artichokes

There are several ways to consume artichokes. In fact, the best thing is to vary the recipes and cook them in various versions so as not to get bored and, at the same time, not to skip the diet. Below, we offer you three simple and quick recipes to make the most of this vegetable.

Artichoke tea

Artichoke tea is perfect to drink in the mid-morning or afternoon. This is because these are the moments in which, usually, the feeling of hunger arises ; a couple of cookies and a cup of this tea will calm her down.

To prepare it, you will only need two artichokes, the juice of half a lemon and half a liter of water. The procedure consists in cooking the artichokes until they are soft and then adding the lemon juice. Once ready, drink it hot before meals or when you feel hungry.

Artichoke tea

Artichoke puree

This recipe is perfect for dinner, as it is a light and tasty way to eat artichokes. To prepare the puree, boil an artichoke; it is important to use the right amount of water to obtain a more concentrated result.

Once cooked, bring half a glass of water to a boil with a little cayenne pepper and ginger. When it comes to a boil, add the cooked artichoke and the rest of the water where you boiled the vegetable to the water. Finally, blend everything until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Artichoke puree

Artichoke smoothie

The smoothie we offer is perfect for starting the day with energy and increasing your metabolism. Maybe the taste will be difficult to appreciate at first, but as you drink it you will get used to it.

To prepare it, you need to cook an artichoke and, once ready, blend it together with a slice of pineapple and half a dozen almonds. To blend it well, add the lemon juice and the water where you cooked the artichoke if necessary.


Now you know the importance of the artichoke in the fight against unwanted pounds. Remember that it offers many nutritional benefits for weight loss: low calories, fiber, cynarin. .. are just some of them.

Moreover, thanks to the recipes that we have proposed, you can consume them in various ways without falling into boredom and monotony. Don’t waste any more time, go to the supermarket, grab some artichokes and start the diet!

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