The Benefits Of Bar Training

Of all the various types of exercises, bar training certainly offers many muscle and flexibility benefits. Let’s find out together.
The benefits of bar training

Bar training is becoming more and more fashionable in many gyms and, in this article, we will explain why. Not surprisingly, even in many outdoor spaces and even public parks, these structures are appearing. Positioned at different heights and separated in a strategic way, they allow you to perform a whole series of very valid exercises to increase strength and endurance, with enormous benefits for your back.

One of the great advantages of bar training is that it is perfectly suited to physical routines dedicated to both men and women. But let’s see now how it is possible to take advantage of the enormous benefits of this type of physical activity, to be done inside and outside the gym.

What are the benefits of bar training?

You may have already seen, on YouTube, the many videos showing professional and amateur athletes trying their hand at bar exercises. The first mistake to avoid is to think that bar training is only for strengthening the arms, i.e. biceps and triceps. In fact, depending on the type of exercise, you will be able to train practically any muscle group, such as shoulders, trapezius, lats, pectorals, abs. ..

Increase your stamina

Lifting your weight is never an easy task, and doing it day after day will give you more stamina. There are bar workout routines that will allow you to build a strong, resilient and flexible physique.

Boy carries out training at the bars

Increase functional strength

Bar training is part of the so-called functional exercises, i.e. those that simulate the normal gestures you do in everyday life. Thanks to the fact that you will train the kinetic chains, you will involve more joints, working globally on your physique.

The relationship between the nervous and muscular systems will greatly improve thanks to this type of exercise. In fact, you will be obliged to balance strength and concentration, in equal parts. Over time, you will notice greater strength in simple movements such as lifting objects, moving furniture, etc., improving your relationship with your body.

Improve your posture

During the barre workout, you will exercise your back and abdomen muscles, which will help you maintain an upright posture throughout the day and which will gradually become permanent.

This family of exercises is ideal for those who are prone to standing or walking, triggering and causing the appearance of annoying pains in the back, as well as in the lumbar or cervical areas, even without realizing it. These countless posture errors can be corrected thanks to bar training.

It’s great for your back

One of the muscle groups that works the most with bar training is the back. This means that your workout in the gym will be ideal for eliminating and relieving pain in the back area. Stretching and extensions will allow you to reduce muscle tension and relax this important and delicate area of ​​the body to the maximum.

Girl performs bar training

Tones the whole body

By working with the bars you can practice a whole series of different exercises, perfect for stimulating and stimulating any area of ​​the body. The core zone is generally the most advantaged in this type of training, but there are many other parts that will greatly benefit from the barre workout.

The tone of the legs, waist, hips, buttocks and back will improve considerably and you can have a perfectly trained and flexible body, choosing well targeted exercises for the muscle groups that interest you most.

Burn excess fat

One of the most common mistakes is thinking that only by doing cardio is it possible to burn fat. It is true that cardiovascular exercise allows you to drop fat mass and burn calories perhaps much faster, but strength exercises can do the same more intensively while fueling your muscle mass.

That is to say that by doing cardio you will burn fat but you will also lose some muscle mass, since it will not be involved in the development of strength. However, in strength exercises you will convert fat into muscle, because they will feed on lipids in order to grow. Hence, you will lose weight as well as tone your body.

It is a perfect workout for women

It is never fair. nor correct, to speak of “exercises for men and exercises for women”. Anyone can of course train with any machine or weight, including bars. It is not gender that determines whether or not an exercise can be done, but one’s personal physical condition.

However, it must be said that bar training is perfect for women and should not be viewed as something purely masculine. So don’t back down and start using them to build strength and tone your body, globally.

Although, it is fair to point out, in many gyms the bars are mounted at “masculine” heights you can easily use that of the power rack, if necessary using a step in order to reach the grip more easily. The benefits of bar training are so many and we recommend that you fully incorporate it into your weekly routine.

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