The Benefits Of CrossFit For Fitness

CrossFit is a sport that combines numerous exercises, even very different from each other and performed at high intensity. In this article we will see how this sport can help us improve our fitness.
The benefits of CrossFit for fitness

CrossFit is one of the most popular sports disciplines today. In recent years, the number of athletes who practice this sport has been growing exponentially. For this reason, in this article we will see what the benefits of CrossFit are for physical fitness.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a sport that relies on performing various exercises performed consistently and at high intensity, usually for short periods of time. It brings together different modalities such as Olympic lifting, powerlifting , gymnastics or triathlon.

It is practiced at a box, a center affiliated with the CrossFit brand where the routines or WOD ( Workout of the Day ) are performed . These WODs are usually short in duration and include very different movements that are generally performed at a fairly high intensity.

This has earned CrossFit a reputation for being a discipline with a very high risk of injury. In fact, the complex exercises envisioned in CrossFit, when performed with poor technique and at high intensity, can be very damaging to the joints.

Injuries caused by CrossFit mainly affect the shoulders and back. However, if you learn each movement well and do it progressively, you can avoid possible injuries.

The benefits of CrossFit for fitness

Assuming that any sport, if practiced constantly, has a considerable impact on the body and on health in general, it is worth underlining that CrossFit has some peculiarities that allow you to improve some physical abilities more than others. Here are which ones:

Crossfit injuries in the gym

The benefits of CrossFit for aerobic and anaerobic endurance

Depending on the routine of the day, we can improve aerobic or anaerobic endurance. Aerobic endurance is what allows us to endure by performing low intensity exercises for longer.

This type of resistance depends on the supply of oxygen to the muscle cells. Practicing exercises such as jumping rope or running at a gentle pace stimulates aerobic capacity, especially at the cardio respiratory level.

On the other hand, anaerobic endurance is what allows us to endure a much higher effort for longer. Faced with this need, the muscle is not able to function only with the energy provided by the aerobic pathways, that is, with the participation of oxygen.

Therefore, it uses anaerobic mechanisms such as lactate or phosphocreatine. Exercises like burpees or Olympic lifts help us increase the high intensity endurance capacity.

The benefits of CrossFit for strength

CrossFit helps to gain greater strength if proper planning is followed. This strength will be gained mainly in the legs, thanks to the great variety with which squats are performed alongside other exercises.

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Increases flexibility, coordination and proprioception

Many exercises require coordination and flexibility which are a real challenge for those approaching this sport. However, with time and the right practice and experience, we will be able to perform complex movements such as muscle-up to the rings, jump rope or push -ups .

Improve fitness

Both aesthetically and in terms of health in general, the improvement that occurs in the body when we practice CrossFit is visible in a few months.

Due to high intensity interval training, fat is also burned after exercise – this is known as the COPD effect. The gain in muscle mass, while not as spectacular as what can be achieved in a conventional gym, is lean and functional.

CrossFit improves the quality of life

The exercises practiced with CrossFit are functional. Jumping on a box, squatting or lifting a bar from the floor are movements that we can perform on a daily basis.

When we get up from the sofa, get up from the floor or carry a bag, we are making the same movements that we practice in the playpen. To conclude, by practicing this marvelous sport, we will feel stronger and more agile in everyday life.

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