The Benefits Of Egg Yolk On The Body

Until recently it was easy enough to see people separating egg white from yolk to use them as distinct and separate ingredients in a meal or smoothie; recently, the belief that egg yolk was an unhealthy food has waned.
The benefits of egg yolk on the body

The egg has never enjoyed a good reputation and many advised to exclude it from their daily diet. However, egg yolk has recently gained points, as its positive health effects have been proven and its consumption is always recommended by more experts.

Next, we want to tell you what are the properties of egg yolk.

Benefits of egg yolk

In addition to what we will say in this article, first of all it is worth pointing out that it is an inexpensive and very versatile ingredient (which makes it an ideal product for most nutritional recipes). Below, we will explain in detail how this food stands out.

Break an egg

Egg yolk and its high nutrient supply

As we know, natural foods have among their properties that of offering a wide range of nutrients to those who consume them. These – of different types and with different functions – ensure the proper functioning of every part of the body.

Here are the main groups of nutrients that we can get from egg yolk:

  • Vitamins: among these we find A, E, D and B9 (folic acid), B12, B6, B2 and B1. As for vitamin D, it is worth pointing out that egg is one of the foods in which this vitamin is found in higher quantities.
  • Minerals : Egg yolk contains iron, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.
  • Protein: Egg provides a very high amount of protein which makes it a phenomenal food when it comes to gaining muscle mass.

The “hidden” component of the egg yolk

Do you know what choline is?   one of the many nutrients that are part of the egg. It is an essential nutrient that is part of the B vitamins. Its main functions are memory and muscle control.

In general, it is an unknown and underestimated nutrient. However, its virtues are the most varied and it is very important to take a sufficient amount.

Egg white and yolk

Other benefits of egg yolk

  • It offers a lot of good fats, of which more than 60% are unsaturated (good, in fact).
  • Provides low doses of cholesterol. Although people suffering from particularly high cholesterol should reduce their consumption of eggs a little, they don’t need to eliminate it, precisely because the egg contains a lot of nutrients. In fact, the cholesterol level rises due to saturated fats, which however are not present in high quantities in egg yolk. On the contrary, what increases by eating eggs is the so-called good cholesterol.
  • Egg is a particularly rich element in lecithin. This deals with the functioning of cholesterol, to avoid the total absorption of the latter by the body. In addition, it is essential for maintaining the health of the bone marrow, liver, heart and nervous system.
  • Contains lutein and zeaxanthin, two elements that protect free radicals and which can cause cardiovascular disease and enlargement of the blood vessel walls. They also provide antioxidants, which are essential in the prevention of eye diseases.

Thanks to the benefits mentioned above, egg yolk is a very important food for taking care of our heart health, for the proper functioning of the nervous system and for the good health of the muscles.

Raw or cooked?

While many people are used to eating egg yolks and adding them to smoothies or other foods without cooking them, eating them raw is not a good idea. always advisable to cook them first; by doing so, we will avoid exposing ourselves to diseases such as salmonella, for example. In addition, the properties of the yolk vary depending on the cooking.

Ultimately, it must be emphasized that adding egg white to our diet is also a good idea; this element does not contain fat, provides very few calories and offers many nutrients. For this reason, it is not necessary to separate the yolk and until recently it was quite easy to see people separating the egg white from the egg to use them as distinct and separate ingredients of a meal or smoothie; recently, the belief that egg yolk was an unhealthy food has waned

You can also separate them if you prefer, but do not waste anything by eating the yolk and egg white together. Indeed, you will complete your recipe with an ingredient that is equally nutritious and even healthier than the yolk itself.

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