The Best Cyclists In History: Legends On Two Wheels

Bernard Hinault, Eddy Merckx or Miguel Indurain are some of the best cyclists in history. In the following article, we will look at the achievements of these legendary athletes.
The best cyclists in history: the legends on two wheels

As in all sports, cycling enthusiasts and others often ask themselves who are the best cyclists in history. Therefore, in this article we will mention some of the names that have made cycling such an important sport around the world.

In general, cycling is less of a media sport than football or basketball, but it must be acknowledged that some cyclists take two-wheeled sport to another level.

In fact, today the level of competition is so high that, thanks to the quality and professionalism of the athletes and teams participating in the competitions, we can speak of a golden age of this exciting sport.

Asking who are the best cyclists in history is legitimate, even if it is very difficult to draw conclusions about who was the best of all time . Therefore, we will limit ourselves to listing those that we believe were of the utmost importance.

The following ranking includes the most outstanding champions of all time who have excelled in two-wheeled sport. Read on!

The best cyclists in history

1. Fausto Coppi

Fausto Coppi’s career is studded with successes: it can be safely said that he was one of the best cyclists of all time. Coppi dominated the rankings before and after World War II, using his skills as a climber and sprinter to create a unique record.

We are talking about a rider well above the others, since he has turned his career into a continuous victory. Fausto Coppi was and remains one of the professional cyclists with the most titles. His record includes world championships and time trials.

In fact, Coppi was the first to win the Tour and the Giro in the same year: he achieved this result twice, in 1949 and in 1952. As if this were not enough, he had to face other champions such as Koblet, Bobet, Kubler, Magni, without forget Bartali.

Fausto Coppi was one of the best cyclists in history

2. Jacques Anquetil

Jacques Anquetil was born in 1934 and was the first cyclist to win the Tour de France five times, between 1957 and 1964. In 1963, he won the Tour of Spain and, in 1964, he won the Giro d ‘for the second time. Italy.

Nicknamed “Maestro Jacques”, he was a time trial specialist. He was a unique athlete, on and off the track, considered by many to be one of the most important cyclists in the history of the sport.

Jacques Anquetil was a prominent cyclist in the Tour de France

3. Eddy Merckx

Considered by many to be the fastest, best and greatest cyclist of all time, Eddy Merckx is a legend in the sport. This Belgian cyclist has won 11 major rounds, 64 stages, 3 world championships and 27 classics which include 3 Paris-Roubaix.

During his career, which lasted from 1965 to 1978, he won 525 races. The dominance exercised by his technique in cycling in the 1970s knew few equivalents in the history of modern sport.

Eddy Merckx has won virtually every competition he has participated in during his career. He was the first cyclist to obtain the Triple Crown of Cycling: the victory of the Tour, the Giro d’Italia and the Cycling World Championship, all in one season.

Eddy Merckx, one of the best cyclists in history

4. Bernard Hinault

Bernard Hinault is the best French cycling champion of all time. Born in 1954, his short temper and his insatiable thirst for victory made him perhaps the best cyclist of his generation. In fact, he was the third athlete in history to win the Tour de France five times, following in the footsteps of Jacques Anquetil and Eddy Merckx.

Bernard Hinault

5. Miguel Indurain, one of the best cyclists in the history of Spain

Together with Pedro Delgado, Spaniard Miguel Indurain is a reference point for cycling in Spain, but also for fans of the Tour de France. After winning in 1995, Indurain became the fourth athlete in history to win the Tour 5 consecutive times, following in the footsteps of Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault and Jacques Anquetil.

Miguel Indurain

Acclaimed for his incredible speed during time trials, Indurain was undoubtedly a great cyclist, showing extreme endurance in the mountain stages.

Finally, it is worth clarifying that it is very difficult to compare athletes such as Coppi, Anquetil, Merckx, Hinault or Indurain with each other for infinite reasons, since every era has its champion. However, we are convinced that everyone should be included in the list of the best cyclists in history. Do you agree or would you like to make some changes?

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