The Best Exercises To Get Firm Buttocks

We can get firm buttocks by doing some simple exercises. A little effort can be very rewarding.
The best exercises to get firm buttocks

It is certain that being able to boast of firm buttocks is a reason for envy. Both men and women dream of having firm and toned buttocks .

If we neglect this area, we will have soft or shapeless muscles due to the fat mass that accumulates right on the butt.

How can we avoid it? Thanks to  adequate nutrition and an exercise routine designed especially for this area. These are the secrets to obtaining volume, firmness and to lift the buttocks.

Getting firm and strong buttocks is possible because, like any muscle, the buttocks also grow when stimulated correctly. 

In fact,  the glute is one of the largest muscles in the whole body, which helps a lot if you work properly.

Girl does exercises in the park

These exercises are very easy to do, although you may need the help of a coach beforehand. With a little practice you will be able to make them yourself.

With the improvement of the technique,  some variations can be introduced  – such as lifting the weight of the dumbbells – so that your glutes are more stressed every time.

To get firm and perfect buttocks, we recommend doing specific exercises that lift and harden the area.

Also, if consistency is your virtue, 20 minutes a day 3 times a week is enough to have a phenomenal rear.

Exercises to work on the buttocks

Let’s imagine that now you will want to get to work! Try these  simple exercises :

Horse kick

We put our hands and feet on the ground and at the same time we contract the abdomen.

Next, we lift one leg so that the knee forms a 90 degree angle. The exercise is complete if we push the leg as high as possible while lowering the shoulders, before switching legs.


Still and with legs apart shoulder-width apart, we extend our arms forward – or behind the neck – and try to squat as if we wanted to sit down. When the muscles are parallel to the ground, we rise to return to the starting position.


This two-part exercise begins with your shoulders on the ground, your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground.

While keeping the abdomen contracted, we raise the hip as much as possible and squeeze the buttocks once the maximum height is reached.

The shoulders must always remain in contact with the ground and the hip is low ; never touch the floor with the buttocks.

Kick back

Kick backwards

Let’s lie on our stomach, with our feet together. Starting from this position,  we lift one leg back and as high as possible, keeping it extended. When we lower it, we maintain pressure in the buttocks to increase muscle tension.

Sumo squat

When performing this exercise, it is important to consider that the further apart the feet are, the greater the activation that occurs in the gluteal muscle.

With your feet apart and your abdomen stiff,  bend your knees while keeping your hips as far back as possible. When we get up to return to the original position, we must keep the buttocks contracted.

Side skates

Starting standing and keeping them together,  we bend down pushing the hips back, always keeping the back straight and the abs contracted.

We try to  move as much as possible to the right, trying to place ourselves slightly with the metatarsus  of the right foot.

Afterwards,  we jump as far as possible to the left, pushing with the buttocks  and landing gently on the left foot.

Lateral lunges for firm buttocks

We start from the position with feet together. We put the right foot on one side and lean the hip backwards as we bend the knee  to perform the movement.

Keeping the knee still bent, let’s  move to the other side so that the left knee is the one under pressure  and the right one is straight.

From here,  we push the body back to standing normally and repeat. 

Crossover with back kick

Positioned on all 4 legs, we  raise the leg backwards and make circles up to the top and to the side. Next we repeat the same process with the other leg. The knee must remain 90 degrees off the ground  throughout the exercise.


Strides with weights

Standing upright, with the feet shoulder-width apart , we move one leg forward while keeping the torso erect.

It is important to maintain concentration as we raise and lower the body,  so that the weight is placed on the raised leg, to better maintain balance.



To perform this exercise,  we must first place a step on the ground, in front of us. We go up and down the step and move our arms simulating a military march.

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