The Best Exercises To Sculpt Abs Quickly

Are you looking for some effective exercises to sculpt your abs quickly? Here they are.
The best exercises to sculpt your abs fast

After losing weight, sculpting abs is the main focus of men who go to the gym, but also of many women. To train this as well as any other area of ​​the body, you just need desire and determination. Quick, but not miraculous, results can be achieved.

In this article we will give you some useful information on the  best exercises to sculpt abs quickly.

Why Exercise Your Abs?

In addition to the aesthetic factor, the elimination of fats that are found between the belly and abdominal muscles is of vital importance for health. The benefits of exercising this torso area regularly include the following:

  • The abdomen is an element that stabilizes the body.
  • Protects your back by facilitating better posture.
  • It reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders.
  • The abdominal muscles act as a protective shield for the internal organs.
sculpted abdomen woman

The body: a unit

Never forget that the human body functions as a unit. Any set of exercises designed solely with the work and development of a single muscle region in mind is doomed to fail.

Therefore, if the goal is to sculpt the abdominals, you cannot perform only exercises for the abdomen. To see and enjoy the results, you will need to include leg and shoulder exercises in your training session as well.

Before embarking on any physical activity, the body must be prepared. This involves conducting an adequate warm-up to avoid injury. A good practice is to jog for 20 minutes, some stationary bike, and some stretching.

Three exercises to sculpt your abs without leaving home

Even at home you can train to sculpt your abs. These three are highly recommended:

Abdominal muscles

This is the quintessential exercise, the best known and most used to sculpt the abdominals entirely.

There are several variations to exercise the abdominals depending on the level of the performer or the goals you want to achieve. For the “classic” version you have to lie on your back, preferably on a mat or a thick blanket and not directly on the floor.

woman workout abdominals

The knees are bent to draw an equilateral triangle with the floor; the hands are placed on the shoulders crossing the arms on the chest. The exercise consists in gradually raising the head, shoulder blades and trunk, until the abdomen is contracted.

The soles of the feet must remain completely resting on the ground. You must return to the starting position and perform as many repetitions as you can within a minute.

Rest 30 seconds and repeat the entire exercise two or three times.


This is another “classic” exercise that offers various possibilities of execution. In addition to strengthening the base of the abdomen, the muscles of the legs and buttocks also come into play.

man squat workout

To sculpt the abdominals, one of the variants to use is the following: to start you have to position yourself in front of a bench that is located behind the performer. Step forward with your left foot. Once you have full support, the next step is to lift your right foot and place it on the bench by bending the knee until it almost touches the ground.

Then return to the starting position, starting with the right foot. Immediately repeat the exercise in reverse: stepping forward with the right foot and leaving the left one behind.

You need to do 20 repetitions of squats (10 per side). Rest 30 seconds before repeating the entire procedure three more times. If you want, you can use a small dumbbell with both hands, keeping it at chest height.


This is an (apparently) easy exercise. It strengthens the internal part of the abdomen and at the same time tones the back muscles. You should position yourself face down on the floor, with your hands outstretched and palms facing down. The legs must be completely straight and pointing backwards.

woman stretching legs

While the legs are raised (without flexing them), the buttocks and upper torso are tensed. The only part of the body that must remain in contact with the floor is the abdomen.

For greater effectiveness of the exercise, hold the position for two seconds and rest for the same amount of time. Perform 30 repetitions in one minute.

Without a balanced diet there will be no results

There are other exercises to define the abdomen. The “scissors”, the “sit-ups”, the weights are some examples. However, it is essential to have a balanced diet.

The menu should include items from all food groups that are low in saturated fat and sugar. The habit of eating little and being hungry is counterproductive.

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