The Best Exercises To Train The Triceps

Exercising the triceps is much simpler than you think. Think that, on many occasions, you can do it with your own body weight.
The best exercises to train the triceps

The biceps and triceps are the most trained arm muscles in the gym. If you think you can exercise this part of your body even more, here are the best triceps exercises that will help you reach your muscle growth goals.

Many people overlook the fact that the vast majority of their total arm mass comes from the triceps. Of course, it is the largest muscle in the arm and also the one that most needs to be kept toned. Therefore, it will be better to exercise it properly in the gym.

Because they allow for elbow extension and shoulder movement, the triceps are actively involved in most bodybuilding exercises, as well as weight lifting.

To strengthen the triceps, there is a large variety of exercises. The number of repetitions and sets performed depends on the level, type of exercise and load. In general, it is best to go for medium sets to gain muscle mass. That is, do a maximum of 8 to 12 repetitions.

Also, to increase blood flow to muscles, temperature, nerve impulse, tissue strength and flexibility, warming is essential. After warming up, you will be less exposed to injuries, you will improve your triceps training and, therefore, you will get an increase in muscle mass. Let’s see together the best exercises to train the triceps.

The best exercises to train the triceps

1. Diamond push-ups

Among the best exercises to train the triceps, the diamond push-ups, which allow you to work with the free body. Plus, you can do them anywhere.

It is a very effective exercise, although difficult to perform, as it requires strength in the upper body. Of course, when mastered correctly, it leads to excellent results. In fact, diamond push-ups are one of the most effective exercises for training the triceps.

You have to start in a classic push-up position, with the particularity of moving your hands and placing them under your chest. Then, separate the thumbs from the rest and form a diamond by adding the two index fingers.

Then, bend your elbows and lower them until your chin or chest touches the floor. Return to the starting position by fully extending your arms to finish one repetition. Your back should remain straight throughout the exercise.

2. Extension of the weight above the head

This second proposal consists of an exercise that can be done sitting or standing. Basically, it’s about extending the weight over your head.

The overhead weight extension is just one of the best exercises for working out the triceps. It is also probably the easiest to perform, especially when seated.

To do this, we recommend that you sit on a chair and hold the weight with both hands in front of you. Extend the dumbbell over your head with your palm open and your arms extended.

Train the triceps with exercises

Then, bend your elbows to lower the weight behind your head, take a short break, and stretch your arms so that the dumbbell returns to the starting position. It is important not to arch your back and keep your arms in place during the exercise.

3. Lunges, one of the exercises to train the triceps

Lunges for the triceps are ideal exercises for toning the arms. In addition to being very simple, lunges are perfect for assessing your fitness level. It is an efficient exercise, which fully focuses on the triceps but also strengthens the chest and shoulders.

This exercise is great for both beginners and more experienced ones. All you need is a chair and your own body weight.

Next, you will need to place your hands on a stand with your legs stretched out on the floor. Then, lower and bend your elbows until they are 90 degrees. Finally, return to the starting position to finish a repetition.

The ideal would be to do 3-4 sets of 15 repetitions each. Remember that you can stretch your legs on the floor or place them on another chair of the same height to make the exercise a little difficult.

Here are the best exercises to train the triceps. Now is the time to choose your favorites and make them at home, at the gym or outdoors. What are you waiting for? We are sure you will not regret it!

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