The Best Gym Equipment For Over 40

There are many tools for over 40, perfect for those who, no longer very young, want to keep fit.
The best gym equipment for over 40s

Many people believe that after a certain age it is no longer possible to train and that little can be done to counteract the signs of aging. But there is nothing more false. With the tools for the over 40 you can follow a workout without any problem.

This does not mean underestimating the age factor, but there is no reason to give up the sport after the age of 40. Consider, albeit with due proportions, that many athletes at this age and beyond are still at the peak of their sporting careers.

Therefore being over 40 should not be a deterrent, because it will be enough to be aware of your limits and work hard to try to overcome them.

Gym equipment for over 40s

1. Dumbbells

In a weight room you can certainly find a large assortment of dumbbells. They exist in fact of different weights, shapes and sizes and they adapt to a great variety of exercises.

man taking dumbbells

Here are some exercises that even those over 40 can do with dumbbells:

  • Press on the bench.
  • Crosses on bench.
  • Curl with dumbbells.
  • Pull over on the bench.
  • Lateral, frontal, alternating or simultaneous raises.
  • Shoulder press .

In reality, the options are many more and also depend on the inventiveness of each instructor. As you can see, dumbbells are an excellent resource among gym equipment for the over 40s.

2. Elastic bands

Piston rings have a twofold advantage. The first is that the risk of injury is almost nil. There is no impact and it is not a heavy or difficult element to use.

The second is the possibility of adjusting this tool according to the rhythm and abilities of each athlete. In addition, the bands allow you to train all muscle groups, from legs to chest, as well as arms and shoulders.

3. TRX

This is an alternative similar to the previous one. The difference is that in the TRX the  elastic bands are hooked to fixed elements such as poles, walls or columns.

woman exercises with TRX

4. Russian weights

The Russian weight, also called a kettlebell, is a typical Crossfit tool  However, it can be considered one of the over 40 gym equipment we have talked about.

deadlift with kettlebell

The kettlebell is a tool that you can use to train different muscles. For example, you can use it to perform deadlifts, the typical swing of crossfit , oblique abdominal, squats, lunges and many other exercises.

5. Medicine ball

The medicine ball contains several characteristics of the tools listed above. Firstly, it is an easy-to-use tool and offers many training possibilities for different muscle groups.

Tips for training after the age of 40

In addition to the great benefits of 40+ gym equipment that we talked about, it is important to take other factors into consideration. Those that we will describe below are of particular relevance for those who are no longer used to playing sports:

  • Start little by little with the basic exercises.
  • Don’t overdo the effort. It is always best to continue gradually and with caution.
  • Give yourself the necessary rest, bearing in mind that the recovery you need is no longer what it was ten years ago.
  • Eat healthy because after the age of 40 the body particularly needs a good supply of nutrients to stay active, healthy and light.
  • Avoid bad habits. Try not to abuse substances such as alcohol, tobacco or junk food, as the ability to tolerate them is not the same as when you were younger.

In addition to physical exercise which is essential, health at this age also depends a lot on prevention and body care. Finally, mental care and emotional well-being will help you close this positive circle.

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