The Best Indoor Sports To Practice In Winter

Indoor sports are those that are practiced indoors, and are therefore more suitable for the cold winter months.
The best indoor sports to practice in winter

Indoor or indoor sports are those that take place inside an indoor space. In many cases, they have become a version of another discipline, perhaps summer, to be performed during the winter or on rainy days. In this article, we tell you which are the best indoor sports.

What are indoor sports?

First, it is necessary to define what indoor sports are. These are sports that take place in a covered place, with ceilings and walls.

Indoor sports have a distinctive feature: judges or referees must wear long trousers and, in some cases, even a bow tie. Among the most important indoor sports we point out:

1. Boxing

Boxing – in all its categories – is one of the best known indoor sports. It takes place in an indoor building. The quadrilateral is positioned in the center of the room and in the periphery, seats for spectators and the press. Often the fights take place in the afternoon and at night, artificially illuminated.

The ring is easily assembled and disassembled; for this reason, fights can be organized in any place, such as a theater or a stadium. The quadrilateral is mounted on a platform so that the fighting or fights can be observed from all corners of the place. Boxing is one of the most traditional Olympic combat sports.

Boxing fight

2. Basketball

Basketball – from its name in English – is one of the funniest indoor sports thanks to the dynamics of the game: four periods of 10 minutes each but which can be extended indefinitely, since the clock stops when the ball is not in motion.

Basketball takes place in indoor arenas, mainly used for such purposes, with the rectangular pitch painted orange or brown. At its ends are the baskets into which the ball must be introduced.

3. Volleyball

Popularly known as “volleyball” it is another of the most popular indoor sports. The playing field is 18 meters long by 9 meters wide and includes a free area of ​​about three meters. In the middle of the field is the net, which serves to separate each team, made up of six active players.

Volleyball was born in 1895 thanks to the American association YMCA as another alternative to basketball, even if a little less intense. Even if it is also played outdoors, for example with beach volleyball, it is mainly an indoor sport.

4. Handball

Handball or handball is a ball sport that is played in an enclosure and whose objective is to score as many points as possible in the opposite goal. The two teams are made up of seven players – six on the pitch and a goalkeeper – and the ball must be brought into the goal by hand, as the name suggests.

The origins of handball go back to ancient Greece. However, as we know it today, this sport dates back to the early 20th century in Europe. It has been part of the Olympic Games since 1976 and the field is a 20m wide by 40m long rectangle, with a door at each end. Handball is one of the most popular indoor sports.

Handball played indoors

5. Five-a-side football, one of the fastest growing indoor sports

Five-a-side football is a ball sport in which two teams of five players each compete. While it is inspired by “traditional” football, it also takes some rules from handball – the size of the goals -, from basketball – the number of players and playing time, 40 minutes – and from water polo – the rules concerning the goalkeeper.

This sport was born in the ’30s, after the “football fever” following the first World Cup in Montevideo, Uruguay. The young people wanted to play football everywhere, but they didn’t always have the large open fields available.

Finally, the other indoor sports are billiards, chess and table tennis. Also, there are those that include swimming in this category. There are many alternatives and there is something for everyone!

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