The Connection Between Body And Mind Improves With Sport

Sport is able to improve the connection between body and mind, making us feel better both physically and mentally.
The connection between body and mind improves with sport

We must take care of our body as much as possible, as it will accompany us throughout our life. Every day we have to wake up with the idea of ​​preserving our body through sport and providing it with the right fuel. We cannot forget, therefore, the connection between body and mind.  

By doing so, we will probably find that our minds are clearer, more creative, more positive and satisfied.   

There is no need for further evidence to explain that this medical phenomenon, known as the connection between body and mind , is one of the secrets to achieving well-being. 

Feelings, emotions, stress and events during the day are not trivial things and affect our health.

Brain and sport

History of the connection between body and mind

Until the 19th century, doctors firmly believed that emotions were linked to disease, so it was common to prescribe “vacation medical prescriptions” for coastal areas and other places to relax. This idea was based on the theory that it was possible to keep the body healthy by controlling emotions.

Following the successive scientific discoveries, more and more advanced and at a greater pace, of modern medicine, this connection between body and mind was set aside, only to be “rediscovered” not many years ago.

In fact, during the last twenty years the theory on the connection between body and mind has made a comeback thanks to several studies on emotional and mental health.

Relax your body and mind

To calm stress and relieve chronic diseases, we can resort, in addition to disciplines such as yoga, Tai Chi or hypnosis, to physical exercise or meditation.

Calm stress with sport

We can use physical activity as a medicine for the body and mind. Some people like to go for a run as a therapy to clear their minds after a tiring day and thus relieve stress.

The important thing is to find a physical exercise to have fun with and that has a calming effect on us, be it zumba, weight lifting, running or martial arts.

Happy girl after playing sports

After finding the activity we like most, it will be easier to make it become a habit with positive effects for the body and mind; even if it seems difficult at first.

Why meditate?

It is common for the worries of everyday life to make us frown or cause us such anxiety that they also alter the way the body produces and synthesizes the hormones associated with our happiness.

Conscious attention helps us to focus on the reality of the moment we are living, to consider it correctly without judging it, and to solve real problems and concerns by giving them other names and assigning others responsible.

What are these practices based on? Still on breathing, a fundamental element for the connection between body and mind.

Yoga relaxation

Current body state of people

Today, as many disease control and prevention centers point out, about 35% of the adult population is overweight.

Obesity is the forerunner for diseases such as depression, hypertension, diabetes, some cancers and other chronic diseases.

Medicines are usually used to fight these diseases instead of improving the connection between body and mind. We are referring to a new lifestyle that begins, first of all, with greater body care through sport and proper nutrition.

The importance of endorphins

Physical activity offers us several benefits, in the short and long term. Michael Otto, Ph.D. of psychology at Boston University states that:

“The relationship between sport and mood is very strong. In general, after five minutes of moderate physical activity, the mood improves. “

When we play sports, the brain secretes endorphins, which greatly improve our mood. These hormones react with receptors in the brain, reducing the perception of pain. It should also be noted that endorphins generate a feeling of happiness similar to the sensation caused by the use of morphine.

When we are stressed, depressed and overwhelmed by everyday problems, it is worth remembering that stress will have a negative impact on the body and, consequently, on health. We can relieve it through physical activity, which will help calm the mind and body and restore our health.

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