The Impact Of Brexit On The World Of Sport

Much news is already circulating on the impact that the UK’s exit from the EU will have on the world of sport. Let’s try to find out a little more about the subject.
The impact of Brexit on the world of sport

When we hear about Brexit, the focus is generally on economic, social and above all political issues. However, the controversial project would also have a strong impact on the sporting world of the European Union. In this article, we talk about the impact of Brexit on the world of sport.

While these consequences may not be as much of the focus as the others, they shouldn’t surprise us either. It is not the first time – and it will certainly not be the last – that political resolutions have been reflected in the dynamics and structure of sport, especially in administrative matters.

Indeed, far from being limited to decisions taken in Parliament, politics affects the daily reality of our society. With its peculiarities and eccentricities, even the world of sport can be considered involved and influenced by such decisions. Let’s see together the impact of Brexit on the world of sport.

First of all: what is Brexit?

The central issue of Brexit is clear and simple: it concerns the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. In fact, the very name “Brexit” derives from the union of the word Great Britain – Great Britain – with the term “exit”, which in English means “exit”.

For many, the idea of ​​one of the most influential countries leaving the most powerful bloc in the world was unthinkable. However, the initiative was approved by the majority of the British population through a referendum held on 23 June 2016.

Brexit written with wooden letters

Since then, it has become clear that the outcome of this “divorce” is far more complex than the core idea of ​​Brexit. The UK is currently considered to be the fifth largest economy on the planet.

Almost half of its imports and exports are done within the EU, as well as being an important partner of the United States.

An event of this magnitude will affect not only the EU, but the whole world. Even if it doesn’t move forward, Brexit is already a reality for most of British society, including many of its political representatives. For this reason, its failure would generate who knows more uncertainty about its actual application.

What kind of impact will Brexit have on the world of sport?

Although there are various Brexit supporters in the world of sport, many are concerned about the changes in immigration policies resulting from this separation.

If we take a look at the Premier League, for example, we find more than 50 Spanish and French players playing on English teams. Not to mention the athletes and coaches from and from other EU countries, the American or African continent. All contribute to enhancing what is the most profitable league in world football.

Other sports besides football

Obviously, the possible obstacles derived from Brexit would not only have an impact on the world of football. In a sport like Formula 1, where mobility is the essence of its competitions held on different continents, changes in the UK’s migration policies could be a limiting factor.

Major teams such as McLaren, Renault and Williams have established their operations center in the UK. However, their work teams are global and employ professionals of different nationalities; many of them come from the more than 20 countries that make up the EU.

Something similar could happen in the world of horse riding, not to mention the added difficulty of moving competition animals across borders. Even more so if we consider that the United Kingdom has always been one of the most pragmatic and rigid countries in terms of migration and the introduction of animals into the territory.

Kun Aguero during a match

In summary

The confirmation of Brexit could cause serious obstacles in the world of sport, whose teams and structures are increasingly globalized. The end of special agreements on economic matters, but above all the changes and limits in migration policy, will tend to make the procedures even more complex and costly.

Another example of Brexit-affected procedures is the contractual hiring of foreign athletes and coaches. And again, the transfer of materials, equipment and even animals for competitions in the equestrian field or in the dog industry.

If the UK imposes stricter immigration conditions, this will not only affect the club’s budget balances, but could also harm the sport itself. Unfortunately, the consequences of this political maneuver could have a negative impact on the competitiveness and ethnic diversity of the teams.

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