The Importance Of Taking Care Of The Back

Taking care of your back when we train is essential, as in this way we will not only avoid injuries, but we will also achieve better results.
The importance of taking care of the back

When we go to the gym, it is very important to take care of the back using correct technique. Injuries are more common than we think, as are pain and contractures in that area. Let’s find out more in the following article.

Take care of your back while exercising

People who play sports have probably suffered from back pain or discomfort. There are different types of symptoms – acute, traumatic or chronic – and the causes – overload, poor posture, poor technique – and pain can come on gradually or suddenly.

The main reasons why your back, neck or lower back muscles hurt are:

1. Problems in the curvature of the back

We are referring to scoliosis, hyperkyphosis and hyperlordosis, three very common back problems that we must pay attention to so that they do not intensify.

2. Unsuitable exercises

Some want to outdo themselves and try too hard with machines or exercises. It is advisable not to perform movements that put the back at risk or that involve unnatural postures.

Woman doing situps.

3. Wrong technique

This is one of the main reasons for back pain. It is advisable to pay close attention to the instructions of the personal trainer, perform the movements slowly and continually look in the mirror. This is not a gesture dictated by vanity, but to verify that everything is done correctly.

4. Overload or overtraining

If you want to take care of your back, you have to lift the weight little by little. Most lower back injuries, for example, are the result of repeated trauma caused by extra stress. This means that you should not use dumbbells, plates or bars with a load greater than what is comfortable for you.

5. Overweight

Having a few extra pounds isn’t good for you in general, but when it comes to taking care of your back, it can increase your risk of injury. This is because the discs that lie between the vertebrae have to support more weight than normal. Did you know that one pound overweight adds four pounds of strain on the spine?

6. Bad posture

Taking care of the back is not something we should only do in the gym, but during all our daily activities. If, for example, we spend many hours sitting in front of the computer, it is very important to have a suitable chair and a suitable desk.

Also pay attention to how much time you spend looking at your phone with your head down, how you sleep (perhaps better without a pillow) or how you walk (many people tend to hunch their backs). These habits negatively affect the health of the spine and predispose it to injury.

Tips for taking care of your back in the gym

In addition to paying attention to posture in everyday life, it is necessary to adopt certain habits to take care of your back during exercise:

1. Warm up before the routine

Many people think this is not necessary, however, warming up before exercise helps us have more flexibility, improve posture and avoid injury. It’s only five minutes, but the body will really appreciate it.

2. Do exercises that strengthen the area

Squats allow us to adopt a more upright posture – if we do them correctly – with the shoulders slightly back and the back straight. In the case of the spine or back, they complement the abdominals and prevent injury to the spine and all muscles from the cervical to the lumbar.

Yoga position for the back.

You can also do push-ups which, while working your chest and triceps, also help keep your back straight and strengthen your shoulder blades and shoulders.

3. Adapt the loads

As stated earlier, we cannot expect to lift 100 pounds the first day we hit the gym. Exercises need to be done gradually if we want to take care of the back and prevent injuries. Adapt the routine to your abilities.

To take care of your back, we also recommend that you lose weight (if necessary) and don’t forget to stretch at the end of the exercise.

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