The Most Famous Sibling Couples In Sport

The most famous sibling pairs in the world of sport are the ones who competed and triumphed together. Some of them are very successful even separately.
The most famous sibling couples in sport

Sibling pairs in the world of sports are more common than we think. In this article we will talk about the most famous sibling couples in sport, known internationally for their successes as a couple.

Who are the most famous sibling couples in sport?

Williams, Marquez and Gasols are just some of the examples of the most famous brothers in the world of sport. How about knowing who the others are? You can find them here:

1. Venus and Serena Williams

These two sisters are the most famous tennis players in the world. Venus is one year older than her sister Serena – they were born in 1980 and 1981 respectively – and they are a clear example of love and passion for sport: they have it in their blood. Both tennis players ranked number 1 in the WTA rankings, but Venus was the first African American to reach it, in 2002.

Venus and Serena Williams

For her part, Serena has so far achieved 27 Grand Slam titles, while her older sister has 21 to her credit. And that’s not all, since together they were Olympic champions and achieved several titles playing doubles. The Williams sisters are the most famous pair of sisters not only in tennis, but in sport in general.

2. Pau and Marc Gasol, brothers who are champions of sport

These basketball brothers started their career in Barcelona. Later, Pau – the eldest, born in 1980, his brother is from 1985 – joined the Memphis Grizzlies , playing in the NBA.

In this way, Pau became one of the few Spaniards admitted to the most important basketball championship in the world. Marc, meanwhile, joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 2007 and, a year later, “took” his brother to play with him.

The Gasol brothers are undoubtedly very important for the history of Spanish basketball. In 2006 they were part of the national team that would win the World Cup in Japan, after defeating Greece in the final. On that occasion, Pau was considered the best player of the tournament and joined the best quintet.

Gasol brothers

As if that weren’t enough, the Gasols are twice Olympic medalists, and both together. We refer to the silver medals won in Beijing 2008 and London 2012 (Pau also has a bronze medal in Rio 2016, where Marc did not participate). Pau currently plays in the Portland Trail Blazers and Marc in the Toronto Raptors .

3. Bob and Mike Bryan, other brothers in sports

Not only are they two of the sport’s most famous siblings, they are also twins! These nearly identical tennis players, born in 1978, specialize in doubles and have achieved no fewer than 101 titles together. In addition, they achieved number 1 in the ATP double rankings.

The Bryans have won four Wimbledons, three Roland Garros, three Australian Open and one United States Open, among others. And that’s not all, since at the Olympic Games they obtained a gold (London 2012) and a bronze (2008).

4. Marc and Álex Márquez

Another example of the most famous pairs of brothers in sport, more precisely in motorcycling, are the Spaniards Marc and Álex Márquez. Marc is the oldest – he was born in 1993, while Alex is from 1996 – and he has won eight world titles in three different categories.

For his part, Alex races in the Moto2 category and holds two world titles. The Marquez are the only brothers to have reached a world championship in the same season and the first to win a Grand Prix on the same day. It was June 15, 2014, when Marc was consecrated in the Catalan Grand Prix and Alex, in the Montmeló circuit.

5. Michael and Ralf Schumacher

In the case of this pair of siblings, Michael, the older is the more famous of the two, but Ralf, the younger, is no different. Born in 1969, Michael won seven Formula 1 championships between 1994 and 2004 and is the driver with the most titles in the highest category.

Schumacher siblings couple smiling

For his part, Ralf – born in 1975 – has achieved six wins and 27 podiums. His professional career began in 1997 and ended in 2007. The Schumacher brothers are undoubtedly two great F1 drivers.

An interesting curiosity about the Schumacher brothers is that the children of both – Mick, son of Michael and David, son of Ralph – are also Formula 1 drivers. by Schumacher, Sebastian Stahl is a driver!

Finally, other examples of famous siblings in sport: Frank and Ronald de Boer (soccer), Xabi and Mikel Alonso (soccer), Alistair and Jonathan Browniee (triathlon) and Marat and Dinara Safin and Safina (tennis).

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