The Various Types Of Lettuce And The Benefits For The Body

Let’s learn about the various types of lettuce and the benefits deriving from the introduction of this type of vegetable in our diet. They are a staple of our salads and allow us to stay healthy.
The various types of lettuce and the benefits for the body

Lettuce is an edible plant that needs a certain temperature to grow. Thanks to the greenhouses, we can safely consume it all year round. It is a very common vegetable, but with precious qualities.

This food is low in calories and high in water. It is rich in antioxidants, fiber, mineral salts and vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B6), A, C and E.

The high content of folic acid and minerals such as potassium and iron promotes the absorption of the latter and prevents infections.

Lettuce also has other characteristics such as being purifying, diuretic and fighting intestinal infections. It also promotes digestion and, being a natural relaxant, helps you fall asleep.

The varieties of lettuce

The escarole

This lettuce has two varieties. We can find the escarole with smooth leaves and that with curly leaves. It has a bitter taste and a color that goes from dark green to yellow as we remove the leaves. When we consume it, it is possible to add vinaigrette creating a contrast that binds both flavors well.

Iceberg lettuce

It is similar in shape to a cabbage, with long, round and crunchy leaves all very close together. Its name is due to its particular resistance to cold. It stands out for its delicate flavor and can be used as a basic ingredient for various salads, tacos or to garnish your dishes. It is one of the least nutritious.

The endive

It is a type of lettuce that has a smooth, hard and white leaf with a sweet taste at the beginning and a bitter aftertaste at the end. It is juicy, crunchy and very refreshing.

endive type lettuce

It has a cylindrical shape that becomes pointed at the end and is composed of a series of narrow white leaves overlapping each other which at the tips become green, soft and bright.

Endive is a vegetable that we can find in the markets all year round, but its production is greater in the period from autumn to early summer.

In reality, what we buy is the heart of the plant. In this way we exploit all the parts of this lettuce because we do not have to remove any leaves before consuming it.

The French

Its leaves are thin, green and long. They are joined by a short stem which is round and white in color. This type of lettuce has a heart. Its leaves are tender and have a sweet flavor. For this reason, a light dressing is recommended. The best season to consume it is spring.

Romaine lettuce

Its leaves are robust and elongated, it does not have a heart and has a slightly bitter taste. It is one of the most used lettuce in Italy and also the most nutritious. It tolerates low temperatures well, this means that we can find it all year round. However, the best season to consume it is summer.

The rocket

It is often used to give a particular flavor to salads, although it can be used alone. It is an edible plant native to the Mediterranean regions, its flavor is powerful, with a spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste.


It is said that in the past the priests consumed it in abundance. Valerian has an intense and bright green color. It is a tender vegetable with a delicate and pleasant flavor that vaguely recalls the taste of walnuts.

Its season begins in the fall and ends in the spring. It can be used in salads or cooked.

Lollo rossa lettuce

This type of lettuce has a deep red color and very curled leaves. It has a soft texture and a bitter taste. The best time to consume it is in the months following the summer. It is usually consumed preparing salads, alone or mixed with other types of lettuce.

red lettuce

Tatsoi lettuce

This lettuce variety comes from Asia. Its shape recalls that of a rose window and has small, rounded leaves and long stems. The color of the leaves is dark green while that of the stems (which have a smooth surface) is light green. It has a creamy consistency and an intense flavor that can be appreciated both raw, in salads, and cooked, in stews, fried or steamed.

As you can see, there are many types of lettuce. Each has a different shape and flavor. The nutritional properties change according to the variety. Try them, you are spoiled for choice!

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