Tips For Performing Metabolic Training At Home

Metabolic training can be part of your routine thanks to a few simple guidelines. The important thing is not to give up physical activity during the quarantine!
Tips for doing metabolic training at home

There is a wide variety of exercises to keep the body in good condition. The choice of the type of training must always respond to the needs and abilities of the individual person. One of them is metabolic training. Have you ever heard about it? Read on to find out more about the topic.

Metabolic training is based on increasing the body’s calorie intake during and after exercise. This is achieved through high intensity exercises, which help stimulate the increase in the metabolic rate.

To achieve elevation of basal metabolic rate or TMB, it is necessary to perform high intensity exercises. These exercises must involve most of the muscle groups in the body.

One of the fundamental pillars of metabolic training is the post-exercise effect, also known by the English acronym EPOC ( Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption ) which means excessive consumption of post-exercise oxygen.

This effect occurs due to the increase in body temperature caused by the intensity of the exercise. Such an intervention increases caloric intake while recovering from the routine and not just during its execution. Let’s see together how to perform metabolic training at home.

How to do metabolic training at home

Given the complexity of metabolic training, one might think that it can only be done in the gym and specialized fitness centers. In fact it can be performed comfortably even at home.

Performing metabolic training at home requires attention, discipline and motivation, so you will need to follow some important recommendations to avoid injury or accidents.

Professional support

It is vitally important to rely on a sports professional before setting up a metabolic exercise routine. This, together with the experience gained in the gym, will allow you to achieve better results. Furthermore, it is essential to prevent any injuries.

Exercise in quarantine

In addition, each person possesses certain physical and psychological abilities, which is why general metabolic training should not be performed.

Correct execution

Metabolic training is distinguished by its high intensity. In fact, it deals with stimulating the caloric intake and the post-exercise effect (COPD).

The best way to get results is to do it correctly. For this reason, cardiovascular intensity, the number of repetitions and the rest interval between sets and between sessions must be taken into account.

First, taking into account how exhausting it is, it should be done a maximum of four times a week. The important thing is to leave a minimum rest time between sessions of at least 48 hours, to make COPD effective.

Also, the exercises should be performed at a high intensity and leave a minimal amount of rest time between sets. At a minimum, take a 1 minute 45 second break before starting the next exercise.

Exercises for metabolic training

Most exercises can make up a potential metabolic training routine. However, there are some that are much more useful for boosting basal metabolic rate (BMR) and calorie consumption.

Squat with jump

Squat with jump

The squats strengthen the legs and stimulate physical abilities such as strength, endurance and speed.

However, performing this exercise with a jump not only adds difficulty, it also allows for a noticeable increase in cardiovascular intensity. Five repetitions are recommended before proceeding to the next exercise.

Push ups

The famous push-ups are important for a good metabolic training session at home.

Do push-ups correctly

To properly stimulate the muscle groups, it is necessary to perform the repetitions quickly, increasing the cardiovascular rate. The number of the routine must range between seven and eight repetitions.


It is one of the high-intensity exercises par excellence, so the burpee must necessarily be part of your metabolic training routine. In fact, it is one of the best exercises for toning your arms, legs and back.

Metabolic Burpee Workout

Strength and endurance are the main skills stimulated by the execution of this exercise. This is because it stimulates most of the muscle groups in our body. Due to the intensity required, it is recommended that you only perform five repetitions.

To keep in mind

Exercises can be performed consecutively without rest between them. However, we recommend that you do a maximum of three sets, one for each exercise, take one minute and 45 seconds of rest, and do three more sets.

In addition, proper breathing management is required. People often make the mistake of holding their breath during exercise and this can have negative consequences. In high-intensity metabolic training, these damaging effects are greater.

Metabolic training at home is possible!

Metabolic training can be performed comfortably at home, following the recommendations and taking into account the physical capacity of your body. However, before starting on your own, we recommend that you consult a professional, who will help you plan a routine according to your needs.

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