Tips To Keep Training

Most people who abandon training do so out of boredom or because they don’t find the necessary stimuli; for this reason we have chosen to share 10 tips to find the right motivation not to stop training.
Tips to not stop exercising

Motivation is an essential weapon to fight a sedentary life and to keep training. As in any activity, if we train aimlessly and don’t like what we do, we risk abandoning it.

Finding purpose is what allows us to see things from a different perspective. That is, if we find the right motivation to train every day, it is likely that physical activity will be rewarding for us; it will give us pleasure and desire to continue.

In this article we propose 10 good advice, useful to find the right motivation to not stop training !

Tips for not stopping training: self-diagnosis

It consists in evaluating our habits, our body and its functioning. If we see in ourselves the need to improve physical fitness and change certain habits, such as physical inactivity, we will have already taken an important first step.

Set real goals

We find people who lock themselves up in the gym for endless hours, with the aim of losing 3 pounds of body weight in one day. Come on, let’s be realistic, it’s impossible!… And faced with the impossibility of reaching the goal, it is much more likely to get discouraged and decide to leave the business.

don't stop exercising

However, with a little patience and consistency in training it is possible to achieve great positive results, not only for the body, but also for our habits and mental patterns.

Knowledge and practice

Knowing what are the different and multiple health benefits that physical activity offers ,  is a great resource for fueling the desire to practice it without losing its beneficial effects.

No to overtraining

Training more than our body can handle is a very powerful demotivating factor;  since the only result that will be obtained is that the body will give up prematurely, due to the fatigue and tiredness that it will not want to experience again.

For this reason, our training must be commensurate with our fitness and our needs. Don’t forget to consult a professional instructor.

don't stop exercising

Record your progress

Once we begin to savor the pleasure of training it is necessary to see the results and improvements; therefore it is always a great encouragement to keep track of our progress. For example, I used to run 2km and now 5km; I used to have 30% fat and now 27%.

Have fun while exercising

If you need a pinch of good humor so as not to get bored, well, you’ll have to find it. Choose the activities that give you the most pleasure and the pace that gives you the most motivation to continue; so you will be able to not give up physical activity. Each activity produces a different effect according to the tastes and preferences of the individual; for this reason you have to try more activities and then choose the one that suits you best.

Be various

You don’t need to do the same activity over and over, as training tends to tire you out and can end up boring you. It is important to choose your favorite activity, but it would be better to alternate it with other different courses, sports or physical activities. Thus, you will not only work and get different results, but you will also be motivated by innovation.

Useful devices to not stop training

The pedometer or any other useful tool for sports can produce a stimulating and motivating psychological effect. That is, if we see the number of steps taken and the calories burned, we will be more than satisfied with our results and will want to overcome them the following day.

not to stop training

Socialize while exercising

Many of us like to train in company and the truth is that exercising together with other people is a great resource for fighting boredom ; as well as giving us the opportunity to make new friends and consolidate them.

Visualize your destination

Experimenting in advance the emotions and feelings of the moment in which we will reach the goal, turns out to be a great motivation in achieving our goals. Goals can vary from person to person, but they all have the same importance in motivating us to continue training and to avoid running into a sedentary lifestyle, with the damage to health that this entails.

Of course, we all have different reasons that push us to train regularly, but knowing what are the aspects that can keep our motivation high will help us to enhance the results of physical exercise.

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