Tricks To Improve Circulation In The Legs

Let’s see the main ways to improve circulation in the legs in everyday life.
Tricks to improve circulation in the legs

Poor circulation is a problem for a great many people. Postures maintained for hours, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and other factors increase the risk of suffering from associated diseases. Often these factors affect the circulation in the legs.

The heart pumps blood, which gets to its destination well, but later, due to various reasons, has problems returning to the heart. In this article, we will look at what are the main triggers of poor circulation in the legs.

The postures maintained, the enemy of good circulation

The most effective way to prevent poor circulation in the legs or improve symptoms is to avoid spending long hours in the same position. For many hours we sleep. Then, when we wake up, we get ready and go to work, by car or by public transport.

At work we spend eight hours sitting. We go home tired and sit and watch TV for a while, have dinner and go to sleep, to start doing the same things again the next day.

This example of a daily routine is bad for the circulation, because we spend practically the whole day sitting or lying down. We have to make sure that there are times when we move or change positions.

If we go by bus or subway, it is better to stand instead of sitting. At work, getting up to fetch water, going to the bathroom, or talking to a colleague whenever possible are some of the little things that can make a difference. When we get home, we go for a walk or, if we want to watch TV, get up every now and then.

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Raise your legs

Another way to improve circulation in the legs is to keep the lower limbs elevated. On the sofa we can lie down and use cushions so that the feet are higher than the heart. Even in bed, when we sleep, we can place pillows or pillows under the legs, to bring the feet to the same level as the head.

This gesture helps the venous return, thanks to the action of gravity. For this reason, try to stay with your legs elevated for at least a few minutes each day.

Tricks to improve circulation in the legs

The main factor that helps venous return is muscle action. On the one hand, if we train, the heart rate will increase, which in itself is a great help. And on the other hand, the muscle contraction compresses the blood vessels, thus helping to push the blood back towards the heart.

Therefore, it is necessary to find ways to exercise the muscles. You can use the stairs instead of taking the elevator or doing squats or other exercises while watching television.

A good alternative is to cycle to work or stand on public transport, as we said earlier. For lunch, grab a sandwich and go for a walk to eat it.

Then, when you get home, go for a walk or, better yet, a run. Ultimately, you can always buy an exercise bike or elliptical machine and exercise without leaving your apartment.

When we talk about exercise, we are not talking about wearing out in the gym. To improve circulation in the legs it is sufficient to take a walk every day. If you feel like running, the effect will be greater due to the improvement of the circulatory system in general, but at the very least we should walk every day.

Take care of the diet

Being overweight causes poor blood return. As with many other things, it is important to eat correctly, following a balanced diet. There are substances such as potassium that reduce the possibility of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

On the other hand, regular smoking and alcohol consumption worsen circulation considerably. If we want to improve it, we must stop smoking and limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages to the minimum possible.

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Drink lots of water

The importance of drinking plenty of water is also worth pointing out. Specifically, you need to drink between one and a half and two liters every day. Water, like exercise or proper nutrition, is essential and has a positive impact in many areas of our life.

In addition to moisturizing the inside of the body, it can also be useful to moisturize the outside: the use of creams to firm the skin will promote venous return.

Conclusion: healthy life for leg circulation

To conclude, we can say that, in order to improve circulation in the legs, it is necessary to lead a healthier life in general. This involves more exercise, a better diet, eliminating tobacco and drinking enough water. These tricks will be great allies in fighting this pathology.

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