TRX: 7 Things To Keep In Mind When Training

Also called suspension training, the TRX is a whole new way to train, with the usual exercises but with the extra benefits that the suspension technique brings us.
TRX: 7 things to keep in mind when training

The TRX is, to date, one of the most complete ways to train. In order to get the maximum benefit it is necessary to go further and outline those aspects to keep in mind when talking about TRX . The target? Control your weight by burning fat, train all the muscles in your body and gain muscle mass.

Let’s find out the aspects to consider before starting to train with this tool.

What is the TRX?

TRX is a type of training created by the American Navy SEALs to keep oneself in excellent physical condition, but without having tools or tools normally available in the gym.

With the aim of training well, these sportsmen made use of the tools they had at their disposal, such as the parachute courts; from here, they devised a workout based on their own body weight.

In practice, the TRX is a training that develops through a flexible tool and ropes with hook; with these tools, anyone can exercise using their own body weight.

The results are extraordinary, as all muscle groups are involved in the training; stamina improves, weight is lost (or weight is maintained more easily) body mass develops and posture also benefits.

One of the things to keep in mind about the TRX is that it is a low impact workout. For this reason it can be practiced by people of any age, and even by the elderly.

If you suffer from a particular physical condition, however, the ideal is to consult a doctor before starting. However, very often, TRX is recommended as a complement to targeted therapies, in case of specific physical ailments or injuries.

The features of the TRX to keep in mind

1. Strong impact

TRX is a complete type of training and strongly recommended for those who are looking to lose body weight. To do this, the beginner must practice all his patience and make use of additional exercises to succeed in his purpose, such as squats . In this way, he will not only achieve his goal, but also gain in terms of agility.

Squat with trx

2. Anchor points for the TRX

One of the advantages of the TRX is that you don’t need to leave home to train. If this is your case, there are a few recommendations that you should keep in mind; among these, there is the point to anchor the TRX tool.

The anchor points must be firmly attached to a really strong support ; it is important to remember that these must support the person’s body weight. In addition, they must be at a height that varies between 2, 10 and 2.75 meters.

3. The floor

Another of the characteristics of the TRX to consider is the importance of the support surface, of the floor; it is essential that the surface on which we are going to perform the training is flat. If this were not the case, training would suffer significantly, and could even cause injuries due to poor posture.

4. Use the hooks only as a support point

When performing certain exercises, such as squats with TRX, we recommend using the hooks only as a support point. If excessive force is exerted, the pressure will fall on the shoulders and there will, therefore, be less effort.

Donna explains how to use trx

On the other hand, leaning on the support only with your fingers will force your legs to work harder and the result will be quicker and more visible. Thanks to the suspension support, the exercise will be more effective.

5. Store your equipment well

Before using all the parts of the TRX it is essential to check that they are in good condition. In addition, it is recommended not to expose the equipment to the sun for a long time. Both humidity and extreme cold and heat can seriously deteriorate the metal and nylon of the TRX.

6. Heating

As with other sports, also in this case , warming up is a fundamental aspect to derive the maximum benefit from training and prevent injuries. To warm up, you can do several pre-workout exercises, such as these: grab the handles, open your arms in a cross and drop back very slowly, without bending your elbows.

Muscle stretching exercise

7. Maintain good posture

One of the things to keep in mind when doing TRX exercises is posture. If this is not correct, you are not not going to benefit fully from the training, but injuries could also occur. What we recommend is to ask an instructor for help or, if you train at home, look for example videos and follow them step by step.

Without a doubt, the TRX is one of the most complete exercises in the world. The benefits it brings to the body are many, so we are faced with an ideal workout to achieve different goals.


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