What Are Muscle Pumping Exercises?

Muscle pumping exercises are highly effective and help tone and increase muscle mass. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about them and, in addition, we propose different exercises.
What are muscle pumping exercises?

If you are planning on gaining muscle mass, surely you have already practiced muscle pumping exercises on more than one occasion. If you still don’t know them, however, read on to find out what muscle pumping exercises are and what their benefits are. In addition, we show you some examples to include in your training routine.

In this article, we will explain further what is the most appropriate technique to perform the muscle pumping exercises . When it comes to working with a simple technique, it seems like they can be done in any way, but in reality this is not the case. Correct execution is the key to avoiding injury and achieving desired results.

What do they consist of?

Muscle pumping exercises are very varied, as they serve to exercise the whole body to tone it and increase muscle mass. When performing these exercises, blood is pumped and distributed throughout the body. As a result, the body temperature rises and the metabolism speeds up.

The most important features of muscle pumping exercises are:

  • The repetitions are performed with a very low weight and are composed of prolonged sets that work the muscle until exhaustion.
  • Exercises are performed slowly and as widely as possible. It is important to consider this exercise as an enjoyable workout. This is the only way to make blood pumping effective and distribute it evenly throughout the body.

Are they effective?

The answer to this question is undoubtedly “yes”. In case you have been doing them for a long time and have not gotten results, it is probably because you have used the wrong technique.

For example, doing sets that are too short and doing them quickly are two of the most common problems. Both directly affect the athlete’s performance.

Muscle pumping exercises

The effectiveness of muscle pumping exercises is given by the characteristics of this type of routine. Most workouts only work with the most important muscle fibers. Conversely, muscle pumping exercises, performing repetitions until the muscle is exhausted, involve all the fibers.

When done correctly, muscle pumping exercises tone and increase muscle mass, as explained above. In addition, these exercises speed up the metabolism and thus also stimulate fat loss. Another good thing is that they help prevent injury by strengthening muscle fibers.

Exercises for muscle pumping

The best way to get to know an exercise is to propose concrete examples. This way, you can get a clearer idea of ​​how to make them. With the right technique and always under the supervision of a professional, we show you some muscle pumping exercises to include in your training routine:

  • Rowing machine : To perform this exercise you will need a rubber band and a space to anchor it to. Then, kneel on the floor. It is important to support only one knee and that the other remains upright. Stretch the elastic to face height slowly and repeat at least 80 times. After, rest, but it is important to endure as long as possible without stopping. The exercise is similar to that shown in this image, but is performed with a rowing machine.
Train with machines
  • Curl for the biceps : also this exercise is performed with a rubber band and is a good way to train the shoulders. You must step on it with both feet, which will be separated at a distance equal to that of the hips. Then, slowly stretch the elastic to shoulder height.
    Thebicep curl is one of the muscle pumping exercises you can perform with a rubber band.
Exercises with rubber bands

Risks of Muscle Pumping Exercises

All exercises performed for muscle purposes involve certain risks. This does not mean that they are dangerous, but that many people do them improperly. As a result, not only will we fail to achieve the desired goals, but there will also be a greater chance of injury.

The most common mistakes that are usually made and that produce risks in this sport are the following:

Perform the exercise too quickly

The first thing that needs to be clear before performing these exercises is that it is not speed training. Take your time to do the sets and pay attention to the position and width at which you perform them.

Haste is very harmful to these exercises, as in this way the muscle fibers are completely exhausted. Therefore, it is easier for injuries to appear. Furthermore, it is important to respect the moments to devote to rest.

Exercises with weights

Not using the correct technique

As you have seen, most of the muscle pumping exercises are simple. Their difficulty lies in the number of repetitions that must be performed.

Having bad technique means doing a lot of repetitions improperly. In other exercises it’s not that bad, because there aren’t that many repetitions. In muscle pumping exercises, however, they can end up causing injury.

In summary, muscle pumping exercises are effective and highly variable. There are many options you can experiment with during your workouts. What are you waiting for to include them in your gym routine and benefit from their excellent results?

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