What Are The Benefits Of Protein Bars?

Protein bars are a widely used supplement by athletes and also by many non-athletes.
What are the benefits of protein bars?

The nutrition of athletes is very special. Due to their demanding activity, athletes require certain nutrients, such as proteins, consistently and efficiently. A balanced diet would provide the necessary nutrients, but sometimes this alone is not enough. This is why many use protein bars.

Many products are constantly being put on the market to meet these needs, quickly and comfortably. Among these are protein bars , a very interesting food supplement for those who practice sports or a lot of physical exercise.

Non-athletes also consume protein bars

These bars are usually useful when you feel like eating something sweet between meals, which is very common when we are on a diet. Without over-consuming them, they can be ideal as an occasional snack. On the other hand, and even if they weren’t designed to lose weight, they can help us achieve our goal.

It is good to remember that protein bars are not a substitute for a balanced diet. Therefore, professional advice is always advisable to maintain a diet that allows us to be healthy and lose weight.

When to eat a protein bar?

 Pair of athletes with protein bars.

After each workout it is recommended that athletes consume foods rich in protein. This helps muscle recovery and training. Many times it is not possible to have the option to sit down to enjoy a protein-rich meal after exercise. This is why protein bars are a good option.

These bars can also be consumed before exercise. This can result in improved physical performance. By ingesting protein, muscles do not deplete their energy reserves as quickly and physical activity can be prolonged. When combined with anaerobic exercises, such as weights, they can promote the development of muscle mass.

What’s in a protein bar?

While they can be convenient and useful, it is important to carefully examine the composition of the bars we will consume. The ingredients used are not always the best for our health.

These bars are made in principle from a source of protein. Generally, the protein used is whey, which is more recommended than soy, another widely used ingredient. The latter, according to some studies, can be toxic due to the way it is treated.

Other sources of protein are egg albumin, casein, hemp, peas, brown rice, among others. In addition to its basic component, namely proteins, these bars contain carbohydrates, sweeteners, fats, fibers and flavors.

How to choose the best bars

The ideal is to choose protein bars whose ingredients are as natural as possible. We must also observe that the percentage of proteins is greater than that of the other components. It will always be better to choose those with less sugar and fat. It is good to avoid ingredients such as artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols.

If they are not used as a substitute for meals, we should choose those that, in their composition, have the lowest calorie content. The calories we consume with one of these bars will add to our total amount of calories consumed during the day.

Benefits of protein bars

  • They are a good source of protein, to complement those that are ingested with a balanced diet.
  • They are more filling with carbohydrates and fats.
  • They reduce the consumption of calories.
  • According to their ingredients, they could lower blood sugar levels.
  • They provide energy.
  • They are a convenient option that we can easily take with us anywhere.

Homemade bars

Homemade bars

The main advantage of commercial protein bars is the ease with which we can buy them and take them with us. However, there is the option to make our own protein bars at home. In this way, we can be sure that they contain natural ingredients and chosen to our liking.

Protein powders, nuts, coconut oil, peanut butter, cocoa, muesli, honey, among others, will give us good results. There are many ingredient options that we can use to make our protein bars.

You can easily find hundreds of recipes on the internet; it’s about finding the one that best suits our needs and tastes. Not only will we get a customized product, but we will also have significant savings.

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