What Is The Best Way To Train?

There is no point in sweating like crazy in the gym if we do not plan our routine well and how to perform the exercises to do every day
What is the best way to train?

When we finally decide to join the gym, we may have doubts about the best way to train. Regardless of what our goals are, there are a few basic things we should always include in our routine to make sure we’re following the best way to train .

The best way to train: what does it include?

While more experienced athletes may have divergent opinions, sports specialists and  personal trainers  agree that a training routine should include:


It should come true with  one of your favorite cardio machines.  It can be the elliptical, the treadmill or the stationary bike. The rowing machine is another excellent option.

The best way to train by warming up

It doesn’t have to last long, ten or fifteen minutes will be more than enough. The warm-up will be used to prepare the body and muscles for the following workout and also to raise the pulse to the maximum and make it more effective.


If we want to lose weight or build muscle,  weights are of prime importance. And yes girls, with weights you will not only lose weight but sculpt your body. Unlike the myths about weights and women, you won’t get muscular with weight lifting.

Weightlifting for women

The musculature that men usually notice very quickly has to do with their high testosterone levels. Women, even if they have some testosterone, do not reach the same levels, therefore, the weights will not have the same effect on them as it does on men.

What is achieved with weights is an increase in muscle mass. As this increases, fat is reduced and eliminated, weight is lost and, at the same time, the body is toned. What good would it be to lose weight and stay flabby? Start with weight lifting and see how your body shapes itself!

During weightlifting sessions, you can alternate with abs or other exercises to train various parts of the body.

Keep going with cardio

After the weight training session, for which  you can get help from the gym instructors so that they can recommend a session that suits your goals, it is convenient to get back to getting to grips with cardio again.

You can start with a certain rhythm and decrease the intensity so that your body returns to calm. You can choose the cardio machine that you find most comfortable, and the best is to do sessions of 20 minutes or more if you feel like it.


Stretching is of equal or greater importance than exercise. The best thing is to never leave the gym without doing it. Not only will this help you avoid the dreaded lactic acid, it will also help your muscles return to their natural state and not stiffen, which could cause pain and even injury.


Create your own stretching routine by working all the muscles in your body.

A good diet

If you want this workout and all your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle to work, it  is essential that you eat a balanced diet that includes all the nutrients your body needs.

Keep in mind that when you train, your protein intake must be higher than what you normally consume, as it is from these that your muscles feed.

As we said at the beginning, if you want to lose weight or bodybuilding, this is the best way to train. Therefore, you will only have to  adapt the exercises to the goals you want to achieve. However, these are commonalities for everyone who goes to a gym. Have you all written them? Remember, no one says it’s easy, but it will be worth it.

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