Will I Lose Muscle Mass If I Go On Vacation?

One of the usual problems in the summer is that, when you go on vacation and break your usual workout routine, many wonder if they will lose muscle mass.
Will i lose muscle mass if i go on vacation?

One of the most common myths among athletes is that if you stop exercising for a few days all your work to gain muscle mass will have been in vain.

Because of this, while this reasoning doesn’t make much sense, many wonder if they will lose  muscle mass if I go on vacation. We reveal the truth about this topic.

What happens to muscle mass if we go on vacation?

The problem is that when you get used to training and see good results, you risk becoming a little obsessed with it, and therefore wanting to achieve more and more. Of course, you don’t want to lose muscle during the holidays.

Letting your muscles rest for a few days isn’t wrong and you won’t lose all the muscle mass you’ve gained. Not even if your holidays lasted a month. Of course, if the holidays are too long and you don’t do any physical exercise, it is likely that when you return to training you will struggle more.

Girl enjoying her vacation by the pool

Remember that once you start exercising, your muscles create micro-tears that result in new muscle fibers. These will never disappear, they can only re-emerge. So to your question “will I lose muscle mass if I go on vacation?”, The answer is no.

How to train the muscle if you are on vacation?

So, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, getting back to training after a long vacation can be a challenge. So it’s best not to stop exercising so that this doesn’t happen.

Of course, we’re not talking about hitting the gym two hours a day while enjoying your vacation. However, there are many things you can do to stay fit while enjoying your relaxing days. These are some suggestions:

  • Forget the elevator. If you find yourself in a hotel, apartment or other, forget the elevator and go up the stairs. In this way you can exercise your legs and activate circulation.
  • Take advantage of the water. As a rule, summer holidays are centered on water as the protagonist, whether that of the sea or that of a swimming pool. Well, if you want to stay fit, don’t take a dip by throwing yourself in the hammock. Take advantage and swim a little, even if it’s only five minutes. The important thing is to keep the body active.
  • Forget transportation. Avoid transportation as long as you can and walk. In addition to lingering in multiple places, walking is a simple and effective way to keep active.

Other tips to keep fit

  • Activate your body in the morning. You already know that doing a few crunches, push-ups or squats at home will only take you five or ten minutes. Why don’t you make some when you get up? Maybe not every day, but if you add two or three days a week of exercises in your hotel to what was mentioned in the previous points, you will see that everything will be easier.
  • Run. If you are on the beach why not take the opportunity to run? The most normal thing, after a day at the beach, is that you go home to sleep and then go out during the evening, which is cooler. Do you think that between the two activities mentioned you can find 10 minutes of time to run on the sand? Try it!
  • Enjoy nature. Even if you go to the city, you will surely encounter natural areas where you can enjoy nature trails or something similar. Even in New York, which is a big city, you will encounter nature trails. You can take a bike ride through Central Park. You just need imagination and the will to do it!
Boys running on the beach

Don’t worry, going on vacation will be a further relaxation for your busy life and will benefit your body and mind. You will not lose all the work done because you are going on vacation for a few days. But keeping active by following these tips will make it less complicated to get back to your workout routine.


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